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Keep digging rethugs!!!! Just keep keep digging that hole you're in.

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Nope. And I'm too busy listening to pathetic GOP talking head heroes call women "sluts."

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And I'm sure Andrew Breitbart would have have extolled her virtues had the situation been reversed. Frankly, she was quite mild considering the history.

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Haha!!! If you think opening up American leases for gas and oil exploration was a significant factor in lowering of gas prices you need to get hit across the head with a rock!!!! Maybe that will bring you back to reality.

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The Sherrod debacle was a part of Breitbart's history, and the Obama administration as well for that matter. Like it or not, many people didn't know who Breitbart was until that story.

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My sympathy to Breitbart's family in their time of loss and grief.

Having said that, the right has a pathological need to create some sort of fiction to allow them to act as if they are being attacked. I have very little in agreement with AB but he was an advocate for what he believed in. Why don't you people at least show enough dignity to quit picking needless fights until the man is buried instead of indulging your need for outrage?

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Isn't a pu-$$-y a kitten? That's what I recall when it was in my 3rd grade spelling book.

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Not exactly true. If America drilled and tapped all of its known resources the price of gas could drop by as much as 3 pennies....

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Well aren't you lucky that plastic dolls don't care what you say to them....

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LOL! As if you had any....