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I think Black Widow was originally part of the Avengers, but as a character in a CGI blockbuster she looks woefully out of place. Can't imagine how they are going to use her in the action sequences (probably in the vein of, "Widow, get those people out of here!".) Does she have any super powers I'm not aware of?

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Who, in their right mind, would give money to Al Franken?

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So sad. He was a conservative warrior. My condolences to his family.

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Distorted by the media? Are you kidding me? The media has done everything in its power to play down all the bad stuff associated with the Occupy protests. But even the media can't prevent it all from coming out. If she wants to talk about media distortion, then all she has to do is go back and look at how the Tea Partiers and Tea Party events were distorted. The hypocrisy and dishonesty from people like Sarandon are appalling.

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Once again this proves that liberalism is a mental illness. These dopes are funding the movement that seeks their demise. They may agree with the vague notion that everyone should have a chance to succeed, blah, blah, blah, but that's not what the OWS movement is about; and frankly I'm shocked that they don't know understand what's behind it. By the way, it's rather ridiculous to make the argument that the system is unfair when companies like Ben & Jerry came out of nowhere and succeeded. It's certainly not easy in a competitive, capitalistic environment, but nothing is if you want to rise above the rest and succeed. Older generations understood this, but this current "everyone gets a trophy" generation doesn't. They want/expect everything to be easy.

And if Ben & Jerry think it's not a fair system, then why don't they start a seed fund to help young entrepreneurs start their own ice cream companies? Or is that where their support ends?

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I think most people gave him the credit for getting Bin Laden. They just didn't give him the entire credit that many on the left wanted. The narrative the left wanted to create is that Obama did it all by himself, without giving any credit to what the Bush administration did. Saving the auto industry? That was more about saving the UAW. Still, you just can't convince these Hollywood Obama-zombies that he's a failure. Instead you keep hearing them say how "great" he has been. What planet are they living on?

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The Democrats act like there is no such thing as the internet or YouTube. There are numerous clips of the Dems "licking their chops" over rising gas prices years ago - Obama included (and even some rooting for the war to go badly to ensure Bush wasn't viewed as being successful in protecting this country.) Yet here we see Obama and other Dems once again demonizing Republicans and acting like they are morally superior because they would never politicize this issue. And once again the Republicans let the Dems control the message. Who is advising these people?

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Sigh. Am I to take it Bruce Vilanch is back?

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I thought the same thing when McCain was nominated - ugh, is this the best we can do? It was just another case of nominating the "next guy in line" (next up, Romney). I also became suspicious of his nomination when liberals spoke of how McCain was a Republican they "wouldn't mind voting for." Uh oh. Of course that all changed when he got the nod and suddenly the NYT was putting out questionably sourced articles about McCain's supposed affair with a staffer.

Palin was the bright spot in that campaign, and I've never seen such a attempt by those on the left to destroy a woman personally and professionally. Whether is was sending hundreds of journalists to Alaska to vet the woman (the Vice-Presidential candidate, mind you) while completely ignoring Obama, or the several frivolous law suits filed against her AFTER the election, it all signaled to me that the left wanted to make sure she never got a foothold in politics again. Even they knew she was the star on that ticket.