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Yeah, but Jericho has a connection to Don Callis, That is why this time, the rumor has legs. But if he won't do New Japan shows in North America, I can't imagine he would do Impact.

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What does that statement even mean? If by embrace you mean grab all the women and Sami in a hug so strong that they cant escape and make it to Saudi Arabia, I can understand. However, I don't believe that to be the case.

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Nia, sometimes I wanna be thrown around.

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Will you stop?

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IZOD Center, its right next door. But yeah, I'd vote for the Hammerstein, too

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kaiju big battel - youtube it now!

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especially after the whole Battleground fiasco when he was suspended but they still managed to promote around it. With anyone else, they just don't exist.

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It's because were getting bored crapping on the same old same old, we need new and fresh things to crap on /s

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Ok, I don't ever watch impact wrestling so this is my takeaway. That was the most uninspired commentary I have ever heard. They sounded completely "ho-hum" about the whole match. Even if the crowd sucks, the announcers could make it sound like they gacve a shit about what im guessing is a first time knockouts champion.

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Juan Fransisco de Coranado - Current Chikara Grand Champion