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There is, to be sure, much animosity towards the US from certain corners of the world that would be there no matter what kind of foreign policy our government pursues. One could easily imagine Islam, given the energetically intolerant and expansionist history of the faith, looking with angry envy on a successful West even without US policy toward Israel invoking Muslim rage against us.
However, our interventionist escapades have not helped our standing in the eyes of the world one bit. From Iraq to Serbia to Somalia, they have been ineffective at best and disastrous the rest of the time.
So while it is not right to take the position that other peoples are completely justified in having a "hate-American attitude", we should also recognize that there are many changes to be made in our dealings with other nations. Halting our naive crusade to Americanize the world is necessary for many reasons. High among these reasons is the better foreign relations a smarter foreign policy promotes.

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Though ProudWhiteManJosh has expressed it, above, in more powerful words than I can muster, I too am thrilled about this organization and website. The time is right for an American National Party. All of you British brothers and sisters, I can't tell you how much we have looked with admiration and longing upon all of the nationalist successes in Europe. We have watched and wondered if such a thing would ever offer hope in our own land. We now have our shot; let's bring our skills together and make this Party a success.