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I held out but this thread is the second thing on this site to finally make me cry.

This site got me through grad school. Oof.

Also a friend was living in an isolated and fairly miserable place and I PRINTED and MAILED her like eight toast pieces. Because mail.

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Me too! Me 3? Me 45?

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All the love!

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I still talk about potato tattoos! As in, it came up on Saturday.

The dead rat was pretty gross and confusing. Smelly too. And MISS ZARVES!! zomg

I remember enjoying/being confused by the wayside school math books. Were they algebra before I learned algebra?

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Get ready for some stream of consciousness. Edited: can't match won't match the eloquence above.

The Toast taught me about Hamilton; that it is possible to fiercely protect a commenting community; that Wishbone was truly a visionary show; that sex after pregnancy is ok to talk about; that dirtbag Marx is ridiculous (crapitalism!); that misandrist nursery rhymes are great; that strangers can help strangers deal with hard shit; that there are some hilarious paintings out there of Aphrodite and men playing instruments; dick ribbons are a thing; ALL CAPS ARTICLES about feelings can cut very close to the bone; that every conversation about Buffy on the Internet can be summarized in 500 words; same for every convo about pubes; that sex described by an alien is hilarious; that horrific tales made anodyne are beautiful; that John Cho really is quite fabulous; that Hermione really should have quit doing everyone's homework; that Ayn Rand re-writes are perfect; that other people read Diana Wynne Jones and Tamora Pierce too; who Roxane Gay is; that without the toast I would know much less about the rich tapestry of gender, sexuality, race, ability, age, x1000; that Mallory really knows her Bible (or seems to - you're not just doing key word searches?); that Nicole Cliffe really knows her Sherlock; that Nicole Chung is brave and honest; that Jaya, Matt, and Marco are beautiful people; that Rich White Ladies are a thing; that I NEVER want to see Crimson Peaks.

Sometimes I show my love through lists. I love this site with unmatched fierceness. (Apologies for the complete disregard for parallel structure)

Edited: also RONBLEDORE

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YAS. The comments give my life! I didn't even know they were here until Nicole mentioned them in a LR one day. My world is better for it!