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Did they use company paper and printers to make their signs? Just wondering....

12 years ago @ KOMO - Seattle, WA - Hertz fires 26 Muslim ... · 0 replies · +3 points

Nobody said they can't earn a living... they can't earn a living at Hertz and abuse company policy. Pretty simple to me.

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I stand with Israel!

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Well, since Weiner says the contact with the 17 year old wasn't anything inappropriate... He's a perv-he doesn't know appropriate from inappropriate. That's like asking a drug dealer if selling drugs is illegal.

Oh dear oh dear, we're in big trouble if we're relying on congressmen Weiner to be truthful and in more trouble if we believe even one word that comes from his mouth.

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Marxist dictators will always work to silence the public.

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And yet our own citizens are being murdered down on the US/Mexico border and there are NO senate hearings on how to get that under control-- just congress and the president wringing their hands over other countries citizens being killed. Where is the concern for our own citizens being killed right here on our own soil by illegals and mexican gang members and what not.

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As history tends to repeat itself... I will take what he says in the news conference tonight and think the reverse, that's been the history of things this man has told us.
He says one thing and the exact opposite is the truth.

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What ever Timmy boys says.... do the opposite!