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It happens consistently enough that I'm pretty aware of it and just getting a bit fed up. But I suppose, yes, if this is just how the comments will frequently be then I should never read or engage in the comments section as opposed to hoping it could be a little less consistent. I like to read people's thoughts on a page and connections/theories to what will happen. Not flat out statements on what will or has happened in the future/psat and a link to outside written content proving the point. It's just... frustrating.. to me.

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If the comments end up ringing true and it is connecting with the side stories, is that not then a spoiler? Since the comic itself hasn't gotten to the same point the side stories have told? I get excitement for folks who actively follow both, but for me - who wants to enjoy the comic as a standalone - it does become frustrating how often the comments bring up storylines, characters, and background information that otherwise hasn't been revealed yet. Or, more often, folks judging and speaking harshly towards characters in the comic because of so much background information on them when, as a comic viewer, it seems unfounded and unreasonable.

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Man. Comments has become such a spoiler heavy place. Can't even tell if it's her father in there, just that she's shocked by something and the big lug is probably Slade. But comments sure on about that. Neat.

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Personally, even if it wasn't being led with a lie... all that weird flavor and colorful language she used to introduce him would make me nervous to step out. Even if it's true (which it ain't)... it's weird to be introduced to folks you don't even remember in the same way a narrator reads the first page of an adventure novel. Just uncomfortable.

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Aww jeez.. she hit in a soft point there... I suppose it is true that his backstory does relate a bit too closely to the Laconians and it could reveal to everyone that Vagus is a Laconian. Unfortunate troubled Leon... ... this is going to backfire so hard.

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That would make sense... although it's odd to say the villagers aren't gullible while then believing them gullible enough to believe that. How easily this can backfire, especially with how stressed Leon is at not knowing the full story they're going with.

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So she's encouraging... a lie? To how Leon was rescued? Is that what's going on here?

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Interesting... I don't know if it's true, but this gives the implication that she might be asking Leon to lie? His shock makes it seem like what she's suggesting wouldn't be the truth. Or he may just have no idea who actually saved him.

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What a sweet page! I like her. I wonder if Leon is going to tell her about the evil coming or not have her worry about it as I'm sure, in the past, Solon hasn't told her things that may worry her. Regardless, Leon being real cute in this page is a treat!

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Then the question would be how much pressure is put on Leon to be the new healer? Would there be a situation where he's asked to heal someone through a severe wound and he just can't do it well enough? I think they both could easily be given a lot of pressure to live up to expectations.. but with the incoming evil to Elysium I don't know whether that pressure would help them better prepare or hinder their progress.