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It won't be around for me, but this is absolutely wonderful. I just hope the govt stays out of it.

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I believe most cops are good but when something like thishappens, it makes them all look bad. Just like the liberal judges who have no constitutional right to be on the bench. They aren't supposed to be deciding cases on their ideology but on the laws only. I really don't know why anyone would want to come to this country. I used to feel safe and knew the police, the military, the judges etc would do the right thing, but I no long feel that way.

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However, Imy respect grew immensely for Romney after watching all the Republican convention. He is a man that does things behind the scenes and does not take credit for everything, so unlike what we have in office now. If you ever listen to any speeches by O, watch how many times he says "I". All I know is before I would have voted for Romney over O any day but my respect for his ability improved a great deal when he made Paul Ryan to be his running mate. I was very impressed with Ryan's budget proposal, even though it seemed to be very unpopular. And I am one that shouldn't have been impressed, because I am on social security, medicare and I am a woman. I admired him for not kicking the can down the road, so unlike most of the politicians. That is why I also like Scott Walker and Gov. Kasich. Much rather have honor than popularity any day.

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That is why I wish there was a tea party. I am disgusted with the republicans not standing up to all the executive orders which are clearly not constitutional. I am a registered democrat but have never voted along party lines, always voted for the one I liked the best. I guess I was a democrat because that was what my mom was. My dad never voted ever and I asked him why and he said if they aren't crooks before they get elected, they soon will be. I completely agree.

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It isn't political correctness exactly, it is insanity. I saw the clip of the boy giving the sign for his name and I did not think it looked like a gun until it was pointed out and even then I didn't think when he did it, it looked like a gun. Guess he probably better not go before the president and state his name or he will be locked up for life and put in chains. Give me a break.
Are they any sane people in this world anymore. Just like the black youths and before I would just have said youths, but it is about time we started stating the facts, beat up a man "just because they were bored somewhere around Cincinnati Ohio.

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Did it take him that long to realize he just did not have what it takes. It is a sad lesson to learn. He wouldn't have been that good in his field if he couldn't even make the grade. That is why I have always said, not everyone is college material.
There are great trade schools with skills that probably won't make you a millionaire but will make you a decent living.
I wonder if he went to school under Obama, but then I guess he never dreamed the unemployment rate of kids getting out of college now is so high.

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Isn't that bad that youhave to make up the number of followers just to make yourself look good. He got his slogan for this country all wrong, it should have said our only hope is change in 2012

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And regarding the Cincinnati youths attacking a man because they were bored. How much of it have you heard on the news. Where was Sharpton and Jackson or the president. The president should have come on and said any of these boys could have been my son. Where is Waters, Jackson Lee being indignant? I am so sick of this reverse racial discrimination being ignored. May be these boys identified more with gorillas than people.

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It is no wonder there is so much violence in the world, they just get a slap on the hand and sent on their way. This man does not deserve to live. And it appals me even more that these were innocent children. Just like the case recently in or around Cincinnati, Ohio, where some black youths beat a man severely just because they were bored. The attackers are animals.

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I would like to know exactly why we are paying any member of congress. No one man, republicans or democrat should have as much power as Obama seems to think he does, and then the congress just let something else slip by. Oh well, hopefully all the people Obama appoints will be gone in November. I hope when we get a new congress and senate, they will do things according the constitution.