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There is adequate evidence that giving students teacher-prepared notes or PowerPoint slides does not improve their performance. Students need to take notes in ways that are meaningful to them. It also helps when notes are restructured. The material presented in class is usually ordered in a linear fashion.

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Recently the CCICED (China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development) Task Force on Reducing Non-Point Pollution from Crop Production confirmed that 92% of the nitrogen discharged into the Yangtze is from agriculture.

Shipping discharges can also be blamed for the river’s declining health. As well, the extensive loss of floodplain areas to agriculture has reduced the basin’s ability to detoxify pollutants.

The major pollutants in the Yangtze mainstem are suspended substances, oxidizing organic and inorganic compounds, and ammonia nitrogen. This has severely reduced drinking water quality and contributed to dramatic eutrophication.

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If you want to build your personal brand you should represent your identity so that employers or the visitors understand who you really are, what your goals and professional skills are, and the expertise and relevant knowledge you bring. There are several ways to introduce and promote your identity.

1. Website: Use a website as the central location where you want to drive traffic from your social media accounts to. Include your bio, resume, work samples and contact information. There are several free services available such as Blogger or WordPress.com.

2. Blog: There are several reasons why we should encourage students to blog. What’s equally important is to show what you know when it comes to demonstrating understanding in a field. Post regularly, and use your blog space to explore new ideas and information as you progress on your career journey. Here’s a list of 10 free blog sites.

3. Social Accounts: These should be polished, professional in appearance and should reflect what you are doing to pursue your personal calling.

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It is true that Google is gradually prioritizing mobile-optimized websites in search results on smartphones, boosting sites that are mobile-friendly and demoting those that aren't. Sites that may have been on the front page of a search word may be pushed several links down on the page—if not pushed off the front page entirely.

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This article can be reckoned very important to those who want to achieve competence in the SEO fields. Recent researches confirm that, your 95% of traffic is coming from 5% of your blog posts. It means that, you will be getting maximum search engine traffic on few hand-picked post of yours. Have you ever questioned why these posts are getting so much traffic? The answer is quite simple. Some of your post might be ranked on the first page for keywords that are highly searched by users globally or in a specific region of the world. Hence, keywords are the first thing that one should know & learn about when start to optimize SEO.

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Web design is no doubt a significant factor in the customers' trust level and how long they will stay on your site. These two factors obviously translate into sales, or lack of sales if not done properly.
Your customers will feel frustrated while trying to find something on a website, if the setup of your site is not simple. Make sure that the web design includes a very simple navigation through the site, with simple, easy to use menus that are easy to find.
Another factor that is evolving today as a crucial one is, many more people are using the web on their mobile devices – including cell phones and tablets – to access the information they need these days. If your web design is getting unable to be viewed on a mobile device, you are probably losing potential customers and sales to competitors who do have sites that are optimized for mobile devices.
Once you have a mobile site, it is essential to make sure that it has all the information that your customers need. They should still be able to have the full site experience, at least as much as is possible, as you want to be able to make sales, contacts, etc, just as you would on your regular site.

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Whether it is a hospital website or for other business, it is quite imperative that the design of your website should be uncomplicated, so that it can perform its primary duty—converting visitors to customers.
It does not matter whether you’re designing your own website from scratch, using an off-the-shelf theme, or hiring a competent designer to create your website, you’ll need to end up in the same place: with a website that performs for your business.
The above mentioned tips are really helpful for keeping your website easy to access for the visitors. Apart from those, one can keep in mind the below ones -
1. Focus on value
2. Minimize distractions
& 3. Optimize your call to actions

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Unimportant claim. The individual ought to be allowed to sham another individual without government mediation.

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