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The coup d'tat has kick started, make no mistake ... Umno & Pas will rule selangor and that is without MIC, MCA, PKR, DAP and other supporting casts... the chain reaction of this will be total annihilation but it will only be seen in the next general elections ... DAP, PKR, MIC, MCA, PPP, Gerakan has ALREADY BECAME IRRELEVANT with khalid's actions ... just like perak ... and the fact that a majority of chinese voted against BN is a fatal statement of intent .. easy target, ah jib immediately announced "chinese tsunami" a day after becoming pm ...

1. toll was raised at the causeway,
2.property borrowings was practically halted,
3. tightening of property policies,
4. PKNS practically stopped building affordable homes and passed the responsibility to private developers, (pkns are not supposed to be a profit making GLC!)
5. Cost of businesses increased in selangor

With the impending GST implementation in 2015, it's going to be a bleak time for all... farewell malaysia ... in your pursuits as a united nation... the trust is gone

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During earlier times it may be conducive to send your children to national schools ... i come from national schools (80s-90s) and that is a big MAY BE ... but the argument that a single stream school system could promote unity may also have substantial grounds to be considered... to realize the razak report's objectives, 3 things must be done:

1. ZERO political influence
2. Abolished BTN (you can't be sending your kids for training under indoctrinated persons, can you? I've taken the 'medicines' so i'm wise enough to know how it taste like, hence my children now goes to vernacular schools regardless the circumstances)
3. It must be merit based

I get the feeling that the whole objective of those reports or research have only one aim and that is racial superiority.. that's the only end game for them otherwise the non-malays would have happily sent their child to national schools were it not for the ever deteriorating standards year on year ... those reports would have been irrelevant to begin with if national schools academic performance, merit based reward are better than the vernacular schools ?!? right?

Hence Mr Wong Chin Huat's observation of 13% non-Chinese pupils in Chinese schools !! :))

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Hallo integramy ... Ku Li is not even a party member of PAS or PKR ... even though he may be taken in as a member prior to being elected it BEATS THE WHOLE POINT of being in a party and struggling with its ideals and visions, that also means after that UMNO and BN fellas also can become MB lahh ?!?!? ... if that is the case it will set a new senseless and unhealthy precedent ... then why must parties be registered under ROS??? What will happen if ROS disqualify Pakatan after Ku Li is appointed as MB by saying the move is illegal and goes against party rules????

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Nasrudin hassan .... if you have 2 houses and 1 of it is burning, you should save the other that is not burning while also do all your best to save the 1 that is burning ... am i smart or are you the other way around???

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Aiyohhhh ... how come so many malaysian "political analysts" a.k.a "keyboard professors" can miss this severe point in PAS' stubbornness to back khalid???

And SPRM have come out in the open to rub salt into Pakatan's wound by saying there is NO CASE in Saifudin Nasution's allegations against khalid, and Nasution is doing so with ill intent ... habislah pakatan rakyat di selangor .....

Point No. 1:
Parti Keadilan Rakyat and DAP Rocket has endorsed Dr Wan Azizah

Point No. 2:
PAS has recommended Ijok MP Dr Idris Ahmad as MB candidate

The contention for PAS here is they want some one else as MB as opposed to PKR+DAP's candidates.

Khalid is only "collateral damage" between PAS and PKR+DAP ... and being a naughty kid, khalid is happy to play to PAS' tune to see out "his projects", and as already mentioned by nik aziz himself when he advised that pakatan rakyat should not "openly reveal the wrongdoings of a person because it's not good to do so" during his support for khalid, and we can see here that PAS is no laughing matter when it comes to "political chess" ....

But the only reason PAS has got so much seats in selangor is due to non-malay support for PAS in the last GE ... where there are many instances voters are only split between a PAS and a BN candidate, and aided by the war cry Anything But Umno (ABU) selangorians BLINDLY voted for PAS ...

Only to come out bruised from a sucker punch ... good luck to pakatan ... because after this ... there will be no more pakatan rakyat ever again ... the "concept" has died and its effectiveness neutralized the day Zuhdi's whatsapp message was revealed and Hadi & Nik Aziz threw their weight behind khalid

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htgoon .. every frequency has a sound ... Because without sound there won't be vibration , without vibration there won't be manifestations of matter / consciousness .. go YouTube and look up "frequency and matter"

That's my opinion and I still don't agree with u ...

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htgoon.. what I presented to you is so very easy to cross check or cross reference online ...

Some proponents (scientists) argued that nobody was ever present during big bang and hence could never say there isn't any sound ... When I refer 'Om' as a sound it is a metaphor similar to some scientists who use 'explosion' as a metaphor, religions use the 'word' as a metaphor ... And do you know that scientists have been able to detect this big bang residual sound? The one they called "background microwave radiation" ...

When u say fanatic I think u r referring to yourself .... Because u came out with all guns blazing n tried unsuccessfully to shoot down my opinions in a rude way .. using arrogant fancy words like 'pet theory' and whatnot ... These r not my 'pet theories' but accepted scientific facts that you can cross check and debunk by all means but make sure u r within reason and facts ... !

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htgoon ... I'll leave the gerry spence book to u and don't pretend you didn't see my reply to you where you recommended me to read scientific books that actually contradicts yourself ... There are a lot of scientists who actually apply their findings to religious principles so you saying I am "masquerading" my beliefs as scientific facts is a very sore argument point to begin with ... Haha .. you can read gerry spence and argue with yourself .. hah

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htgoon … your “ignorance amidst arrogance” and confusion are your greatest strengths at the moment …

1. Who r u to tell me that I can’t reconcile religious theory with scientific facts?

Here is Michio Kaku quoting Steven Weinberg in the Michio’s book “you recommended to me” talking about “frequencies” and “parallel universes”:

“Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg likens this multiple universe theory to radio. All around you, there are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast from distant stations. At any given instant, your office or car or living room is full of these radio waves. However, if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies have decohered and are no longer in phase with each other. Each station has a different energy, a different frequency. As a result, your radio can only be tuned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe we are "tuned" into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot "tune into" them. Although these worlds are very much alike, each has a different energy”

You cannot be recommending a book to me that actually contradicts yourself ... can you???

2. Over and above all you should do better than to ask me to read outside of my religious books… do you genuinely think that I can get these sort of information from holy books? :))

Apart from the many great minds I have already read (including those 3 that you mentioned) my greatest influence about the existence of God and how frequencies “operates” the universe would be the great Nikola Tesla, Father of the modern world.

Tesla is the only guy whom Einstein said was smarter than him. :))

You should check him out sometimes and see what he has to say about religions, creation and God.


P/S: Stop being arrogant for the sake of world peace.

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Haha .. please refer my reply to you where "you recommended me some books"