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There’s a photo of BH obama’s B/C on Orly’s blog.It’s say’s he was born in MOMBASA KENYA!

Ignore the attack site warning-it’s false.I’ve been going back & forth for 2 days now…

url: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/

“Attorney Taitz filed a NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate filed”

To get pdf of the Doc. http://www.scribd.com/doc/18018714/03118509265

pdf copy of the filed motion- http://www.scribd.com/doc/18018712/03118509264

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It's pretty pathetic that people would vote for a stranger that they really know nothing about and put him in the highest office in our government simply because he gives "Good Speeches" oh yeah and he's black".Let's prove were not all racists" Talk About Maniplulation!-Please! Even Oprah made a fool of herself.WHY-He made the salespitch and she bought it! I've been a fan of her's for more that 20 years.This time she lost my respect by using her influence to get him elected and She knows nothing real about him either.

She too-did it simply because He's Black.I understand her desire to have a African American win,I thought so too at first but not at the expense of our country and our rights and freedom.I decided to look into his background first.He is not even African American at all,he's been using them too-manipulating them to achieve his agendas.He lied about many things.He has no business being in that office,he's not eligible to be in that office.What is worse is "They" know it.Considering the events around that and all the secrecy and him avoiding proving it at all cost-Deep down I think we all know we had been manipulated into voting for a Usurper.His actions have a distinct pattern should you look at it honestly.This man is not on the side of Americans...and he's in the oval office.They-Know.Treasonous,his actions treasonous...

See the truth,Neither BHO or They care about us.They're using everyone,manipulated everyone by Party,Class,Race,Color Religion,Patriotism-whatever they can use to have us fighting with each other and people are foolish enough to buy into it all.We need to stop and focus our attentions on the Real Problem-THEM_The GOVERNMENT and WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US AND OUR COUNTRY! Please Folks-Please!Wake up and see what is truth...

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Ever wonder why they don't talk about it?Why they didn't investigate it?These where electronic withdrawals that can be tracked and traced-??Why the hell haven't they followed that money?Who has that much power and ability to withdraw such a huge sum of money out of the Fed Reserve Bank of NY or Wall street???Who was in charge at that Fed Res.Bank and That District?? Oh yeah,Geithner! The "had to be Him Treasurer" tax cheat!

Hmmm,Hey ever noticed that all Obama's hand picked folks and Czars all have backgrounds in Banking and areas of Finance??? Again Why haven't we heard the who,the how, the why's of that huge withdrawals that crashed Wall street or the Market-our economy??? Because it was planned with involvement of Persons in our government.These destructive agendas were planned a long time ago too.Obama is just the car salesman they also chose for us.Comes down to "Who can BS the American People The Best!"

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the Dem.'s were in control of both the house and the senate in the second term just like Now.Bush couldn't do anything that they didn't go along with.I'm not defending Bush at all,They-meaning both parties are in this together.The soap opera we're watching is just that.A show put on for our benefit"Another Day As The Stomach Turns".In the end they stick together to benefit themselves and the government of course.

Ever stop to think that maybe these repeated re-elections are manipulated as well?Obama had been decided upon long before the election-By Them.That's why they propped him up in front of us and eliminated any other choices.He was chosen by Them! Same as Bush-both to serve a purpose and accomplish certain agendas moving the ball forward.Obama's assigned crisis is the economy and it was ensured it fell crashing last Sept.(9/11/08-Anything familiar about that date Hmmm?) when someone(s) withdrew $550 billion dollars in an hour out of the Market.

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That's good Jaopfer.That last sentence I agree 100% with .This site is about Uniting not dividing.That's what the Governments role and purpose appears to be-it's what They Want and What allows them to succeed in steam rolling over our rights.It's a shame when the meaningless and petty things consume peoples time,emotion, thought and allows our power and our freedom to be stolen from us while we weren't paying attention to "What Truly is valuable to all of us"  I hope soon we'll all come around to using our Own Good Common Sense and stop playing the games that They lead us into the moment we first stepped into "The social Sytem" as children.Time to put an end to that conditioning and Begin to truly use what our creator endowed all of us with- Our Own Minds.That is our power,that is where we mirror the image of our creator.It is our power,we have only to ask it the right questions and the answers will come.Together we can take back our country,We can do anything.We can find the way if only we put Our Selves in the driver's seat, separate from the nonsense,the time and emotion wasters,don't be a pawn playing their games.The time to get real-to be serious is Now...That's what we need to decide to do,Take ourselves out of "Their Games"...

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Don't let a few bad apples discourage you and discredit the rest of us.Overall we are Good people though sometimes a little mis-guided.He's harmless and thinks that's showing pride for his country that's all...misguided as it is.There are much better ways to that without knocking down another.We all have those bad apples,don't we??

Thank you for doing that for Glenn.I for one do want to know what we aren't being shown or told here as it comes up around the world.So thank you,friends are always welcome. Again let me apologize for the attitudes,we are all under a great deal of stress and worrying over our country so it's more about that than you or your country if you can understand.So try and have some patience and don't abandon Glenn's project,we need all the friends, ideas or help we can get.So keep us informed when you can.

You take care now

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No I'm not,I just try to treat people decently until have have a very good reason to act differently.Your question-you know the answer.

I just find your attitude with folks trying to help or understand our situation very disappointing.That is not why Glenn started this project,unfortunately some folks here think this is a place to insult and attack each other.Glenn's intentions seem to be lost on some people.I'll tell you this though the way you behave is certainly a way to have others thinking we deserve what happens to us and not want to help you.Unfortunately it's the bad attitudes that stand out and gives the rest us a bad impression.I don't like that but that's the way it works.Does that make you feel proud to attack innocent people?Shame on you....

You obviously didn't get Glenn's point...

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Now this is something I can agree with.Don't forget to add that we want any & all bills that have been passed prior to this date that has not been completely read ,understood,been presented to the American People and properly debated-Be declared null and void and be completely abolished.

All these things will be the "Change We Can Believe In"

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It's mostly okay but the definition of Family has to go.Neither you nor I,nor anyone has any say or right to either choose,decide or dictate what a family should be Except for Your Own.That is a right of every human being individually.You Can Only Decide For You,same with religion.It's a personal "exclusive" choice that has no bearing on You or Your choices.

It's that kind of thinking that creates dictators-because that's what it is.Dictating and controlling.When people in society believe they have the right to take away rights from another human being you end up with the mess we have today.That's what they teach us,and they do so to manipulate and control us.Do you understand that? That mentality says it's okay that someone else take away from you your basic human rights.To Take from One We Eventually Take Away from Us All...

So I cannot agree to that or sign that thing....

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What is wrong with you!? A quesion was asked and the person answered and I don't see anything in there telling us what to do in America.The attitude you show here in regards to others is a major cause of the separation of peoples here in America.That is being both rude and disrespectful For No Reason-No GOOD REASON.Grow up,

Jaopfer I apologize for his rudeness,not all Americans behave that way.Welcome to the 912project.