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That pony on the right looks like he's about to snap somepony's neck. I don't know why I find it so hilarious!

"Better keep your mouth shut or else you're swimmin' with the fishes!"

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I rarely wear pony gear and the only pony gear I have are two shirts. Even when I decide to wear either one of them in public, I remember to wear a flannel, button-up shirt over it to hide my power level from the general public. I only open up the buttoned shirt when I'm around friends or nerds who understand the brony phenomenon.

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4kids Sanji's voice sounds a bit like Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged at times and Usopp's voice is quite unbearable nearly all the time. Don't even get me started about locking folks up in dungeons, that was god-awful! Glad that Funimation, instead of 4kids, has control over the English dub of One Piece now!

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She's just an ordinary unicorn who fell for the temptation of power and her arrogance resulted in what happened in the episode. Communism doesn't work because human nature doesn't allow it to work that way.

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That's a crunk way to start the season!

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Yeah I'd be up for a re-watch session or two, perhaps even more.

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Sounds exciting!

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Throughout the past week I've been trying to marathon past One Piece and I'm currently at episode 140. Gotta admit that One Piece is better than Naruto mainly because of how much heart is in the former's characters and how "Deus Ex Machina" combat tends to be in the latter. In the past month or so I've managed to see pretty much all of Space Dandy, Serial Experiments Lain, Kotoura-San, and Deadman Wonderland. Space Dandy had some excellent humor and surprisingly deep themes, Serial Experiments Lain touched the intellectual portion of my brain, Kotoura-San was a fun drama to sit through, and Deadman Wonderland seemed to have wrapped itself up too quickly (leaving many parts of the story to be left to the imagination of the viewer).