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This is just one more reason why citizens of this country should be able to defent their homes and loved ones without wusses crying for gun control! As for me... I have several large pit bulls and other nice surprises if someone wants to try to take what isn't theirs from me... It sucks that the average person works hard to buy their tv, computer, and other nice things...and then some piece of trash just walks into their home and takes it...WTF!!! How about they go get a job and work for it like the rest of us!

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Did I miss something in the article? Is this a halfway house for pedophiles? I thought it was for drug users. If that's the case, then let's call it like it is...there are a number of drug addicts that come from these larger towns such as Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford. So, having a 1/2 way house near their family makes sense so that they can have some sort of a support system. And, if you really want to call it what it is, then how about if the states really do something to get these people OFF the drugs rather than simply addicting them to something else! Put them someplace where they can De-tox, get them clean/sober and give them counseling. It is a combination of therapies will help to un-addict the drug addicts. But, let's face it, it will never happen b/c drugs are a big $$ business and too many people would lose $ if people stopped doing drugs...

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Here's a thought...with all the snow and ice we have had, and with the streets BARELY able to fit 1 car... Even if this woman was able to get out of her condo, where is she going to go??? In the street??? So she can cause an accident? I have been laid up all winter, too. Had to have surgery Dec 1st, with a ton of metal put into my ankle (crushed it in an accident) and I understand her frustration with cabin fever. BUT, where are her family and friends? As for whining about the weather, this IS New England. You either deal with the snow and ice, or move South! This has been a very harsh winter for ALL of us. She is not the only 1. This world is so full of whiners it makes me sick! And, she's probably in that scooter b/c she weighs 1000 lbs. Maybe she should try walking and losing some of the blubber keeping her in that scooter!

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It's just a shame that ALL our men and women serving for the good ole USA have to be away from their loved ones! Maybe one day the USA will quit minding everyone elses business and just worry about its own!

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Are his lawyers serious??? They drag this case out for umpteen years and the best Defense they can throw out there is: "he didn't go into the storeintending to kill anyone". Really??? Was he there to shop for a nice gift for his mommy? These lawyers are as bad as the garbage they represent! We need to bring back Public Flogging! People like this get hooked on drugs (their own choosing) and then expect to be excused for any and all bad behavior because it isn't their fault that they are addicted??? Boo, freakin hoo! Give me a break! When will people begin to stand up and take responsibility for THEIR deeds??? That's the problem with people today...it's never their fault, it's everyone elses!

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Homeless people tend to remain in one centralized location as they know where the kitchens are, where they can get some type of assistance, etc. They don't wander too far from their neighborhood... with a gap of that much time, trust me, he was in prison....

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The mother is 25 years old... What is the big deal if she took her kid and went away for a few days? She might have been with friends. Does she have a court order barring her from taking her baby anywhere? If not, then why did this story even make the news? Outside of the fact that the 25 year old mom was inconsiderate in not letting her family know she was going to be away, what is the big deal? And at last look, inconsideration is not a crime in this state...if it was, our jails would be overflowing!

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Has anyone else picked up on the fact that the first 2 rapes were committed Dec. 31, 2007 and the next assault, on Feb. 27, 2008. This is a matter of a few weeks apart...then, there's a very lengthy lapse until Aug. 20, 2009; a lapse of, hmmmm... 18 months (1 1/2 yrs people) then again 9 months later on July 11, 2010; and finally, Jan. 17 of this year...a lapse of 6 months. Now, I'm no CSI, but my guess is we are looking at someone who is already well acquainted with the prison system, and was more than likely sitting in a cell somewhere, during those lapses... So much for rehabilitation...

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Walkamile: While you may be a friend of this family, the fact remains that this Father was not only showing POOR judgement in allowing an 8 year old CHILD...repeat...CHILD to handle a VERY serious WEAPON. But, what pisses me off t is that now, this Father...who had Sh*t for judgement, is trying to throw the blame on an INNOCENT man. Yes, I'm sure the father is grieving at the loss of his son (again, had he shown an ounce of brain power, the son would still be alive...and if that were MY husband who had done this, I would be in divorce court with his stupid butt, right now!) An INNOCENT man is being held accountable for the IRRESPONSIBLE actions of the father aka Legal Guardian...who ALLOWED his son to use this gun. If this father wanted to do right by the world, he would stand up in that Courtroom and tell the Judge that the only person who should slapped is HIM! Not the organizer of that event. THAT is my point. And, BTW, I have 5 children...and have I ever used bad judgement??? NO! Because I have always thought things through to the end...picturing every outcome that could, or might happen.

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I think that ALL child molestors need to be dressed in PINK prison garb so that all inmates know he is a child molestor and then THEY can take care of him the old fashioned way!