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My letter cont.

We would be better served by preventing the growth of this movement in our nation by declasifying Islam as a religion an calling it a political party and thus making it subject to all the restrictions and requirements under such a clasification. On second thought, maybe that isn't such a great idea. We have the Bloc Quebecois - a politcal party that runs no candidates outside of Quebec, wants to split the country up and yet they have seats in the federal government. Ya, we are in trouble.

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Here is my letter to the Prime Minister of Canada and some other Canadian politicians:

Dear Sirs,

Here is a jolly little article (from about a poor Muslim man living in the evil nation of Canada. Perhaps all of you can do him a favor: revoke his citizenship and send him to the Muslim nation of his choice.

While were at it, perhaps it is time to disband, outlaw or whatever you want to call it, the so called "Canadian" Arab Federation.

I really think it is time, way past time actually that we start to understand what Islam is and what it is not. It is not purely a religion. It most definately is a political, military, legal and social movement. Where it has broad to full application in various nations, the end result to the people of those nations is essentially a blend of communism and nazism.

Please realize this is the reason we will never "win", in the traditional sense, the war in Afghanistan because we are not fighting the idea. We have sacrificed too many lives hacking at the branches and fruits of this evil and not the roots.

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Ok, I fully realize that the uniform pictured in this article is not what female fire fighters will be wearing to fight a fire.

Now, that being said, I do not believe that any employer, public or private should be required to ensure that their employees are provided with those things required to live their religion. That is up to the employee. All this, of course should be subservient to the employers requirements for safety and hygene ie the wearing of ball caps, turbans, head scarves may pose a safety hazard in some jobs and thus they cannot be worn.

As a side note on the hiring of female police officers or fire fighters my position is, ok great but, here are the physical fitness requirements of the job. They have not been dumbed down for you because you are a woman. If you can pass the tests then you might have a job. Another side note, if I was a Chief of Police, I wouldn't allow any of my beat cops to have hair long enough to be grabbed and held onto and that goes for the women as well.

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Fight, destroy, terrorize and kill. By their own words they are condemned. By their own words they show how the doctrines of jihad motivate and guide them.

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Wow, that is interesting stuff, thanks.

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Amen to that brother/sister! Go Geert!!!!!!!!!

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All these guys need to complete their costumes are pointy, white hoods with eye holes cut out - Islamic KKK.

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I took a Japanese civilization class in college. Our instructor, a Japanese lady, said that the Japanese (spoken) lanquage wasn't an Asian language at all. She said it was more closely related to Hungarian and Finnish than it was to any Asian language. How did that happen? Considering the fact that the Japanese people are clearly Asians and Japan, Hungary and Finland are separated by thousands of miles.

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Hey that's kind of what I was going to say, sort of.

Iran: We want you to arrest those stinking infidels.

Me at Interpol (if I worked there): Kiss my butt!

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The problem here is that the state government is accomodating an aspect of Sharia law. The problem with that is that there is always more Sharia to accomodate. Even if this particular case backfires in that it really provides no financial advantage to Muslims, still Sharia has got it's foot in the door. What will come next?