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They have no idea how lucky they are being able to get away with that, if it was me in number 10 I'd execute them in the gutters.

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If them UAF are the future of Britain then the Queen must be in tears. At the end of the day they are not opposing BNP they are opposing whites coming together as a whole, this is what the real agenda of the left and the anti white UAF. Minorities have all their own way at the moment, a BNP government would bring it more equal and they don't want that. The government works for the people, not the other way around. Time to wake up Britain.

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Send all logs and traces to the Anti Terrorist squad and Interpol. This is a direct attack on democracy and the United Kingdom, severe response should be swift and without mercy.

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That looks so demeaning to them poor girls, almost like ghosts who nobody knows. How can social cohesion even begin when faced with this kind of dress code, I always find a friendly smile, handshake and expression on the face goes a lot further than what I could possibly try to attain while trying to befriend one of these women.

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Anything to demonize the white guy eh! Typical from the real fascists in power.

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IF that were a real outbreak them soldiers would die also- nothing short of full protective clothing covering all areas of the body will do.

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The wars of today are ones of moving mass immigration into countries to become the majority and take them over, this method is by far the best. The way it is best is that the western governments are easily mass infiltrated, they use the law and goodwill of western nations against them. They know fine well the westerners just wont open fire on them. The storming of beaches is long gone. Traitors in positions of power are using these means to destabilize countries, making them lose freedoms and liberties under the smoke screen of dire threats to security- the very people who let them in in the first place, as it serves them well to kill two birds with one stone.

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UAF are nothing but thugs, as for UKIP I wouldn't give them any credence whatsoever, they use the U.K as a catchy thing that voters see first then boot themselves later. Want a real nationalist future gov, vote BNP there is no other way.

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I have always chose the right always! I prefer the truth and hard facts even if it is painful.

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Once you understand how the left works it's easy to see they are just a scam, full of liars and thieves, and like these kids who are probably given alcohol to post stupid rants and say it's a cool thing to do, unfortunately for most these kids they don't realize it's there future that's being destroyed.