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Who the hell is Ron Paul? God that was funny...looks better than Borat

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Jesus, where's the logic in that? This was in my top 5 last year and if they've altered it then I'm not buying it.

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A beard? next they'll have it set at christmas and he'll be wearing a santa mask

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ARe you serious? a Wachowski made Superman. Fuck that. After that last POS I'll skip it..and Captain Howdy - you KNOW how much I love Superman and for me to say that, fuck this shit, I'm out.

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Its a Tarantino movie. He sounds like Earl Mcgraw's pappy. Love the minigun dolly shot...farq...I cant believe that Im gonna be able to see this soon.

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God, I WISH we had an artsy cinema around here. I have to travel 1 1/2 hours just to get to a cinema thats even willing to play a double bill on a Monday!

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I hope this story makes international tv news...might make the people at my local theatre a bit more reluctant to open their mouths when others are watching the film.

But doesnt bringing a gun mean that he pre-meditated the shooting? If you say every needs a gun, I'll laugh though....

I would have called the manager to get these people removed. Either that or I would have moved to the seat in front of them and turned in my chair to stare at them the entire movie, they would get the picture. Or maybe they were too dumbass to have a moments thought for others too

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Xmas movie fest - The Exorcist, Gremlins, Black Christmas(74), Ghostbusters and Die Hard 2

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Wow, am I shocked at this? Nope. Even though I didn't like Sin City, I knew that it had a backbone. This looks like it's taken all the crap that I hated about Sin City and amplified it to the max.

I picked that it was going to be a P.O.S. when I read that Frank Miller was going it solo. Stick to writing pal, at least we know you're good at it.

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Man that's a shock.

Condolences to her family and I hope they deal with it without too much stress.

Hope JJ dedicates the new movie to her.