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Sooner our soldiers are home to protect the people of Britain instead of sent out of Britain the better.

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I know some friends that live in Greece, another socialist country being stripped of it's wealth and overrun with immigration and crime. I thought it was bad when she told me all about it, then realized it sounded just like here.

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Typical banker- the elite, just want you all to go away without shouting, like lambs to the slaughter.

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Browns broken Britain, 24/7 alcohol, drug abuse and rising crime all wonderfully socially engineered to destroy the family nucleus to coincide with a collapsing economy. Everything happens for a reason, not coincidence. Brown is but a puppet of a larger more sinister organization - the real power of this earth.

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This shows the true side of ethnics in Britain and their left wing backers, they employ illegals instead of whites or anyone British to start with. This alone is breaking the law and she should burn for it or be expelled from the U.K.

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These are nothing more than parasites that do not deserve the word human rights, them and any like them should immediately be either deported or imprisoned.

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Keeping you're friends close and you're enemies closer doesn't extent to giving away you're liberties and country. The lefties need incarcerated in straightjackets and left to rot.

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The answer is yes and I warned of this many years ago, they are not only linked it's part of the takeover to get ethnics in places of importance over whites. Thus sealing their fate.

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The kids should protest and the people forcing this on our people should be executed or banished from the U.K at the very least.

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Looking at that picture I see not only brainwashing but also cleansing, where all the white people are virtually none existent. Kids cannot relate to anything when they're not taught about subjects that could define the outcome of our civilization, thus they are now feral, boozing, jobless subjects with no aim or guidance. This is how the left want to keep the population, in strife with those around them while the left erode anything resembling Britain and whites in particular.