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A lot of factors could be in play that would hold Ziggler back. It's well known that he's ruffled a lot of feathers over the years...all the skill in the world isn't enough to counter-balance if important people in your company think you have an "attitude".

With that said, I do agree with you in that I hope he gets a run as a top star, whether it involves him having a WWE title run or simply being in the title picture consistently as a main contender.

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Randy Orton vs Randy Orton? Is this WWE's version of Link fighting Shadow Link?

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Exactly this. Qualifying for the chamber and then getting destroyed by Strowman doesn't help Finn at all, whereas someone like Cena won't really be affected at this point in his career. I'd rather have Cena be the sacrificial lamb (if that's how they play it out) than Finn.

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WWE always puts on their worst shows of the year in Denver. I’ve literally never seen a single compelling storyline moment occur in that city. It’s like WWE hates Denver but will still show up and take it’s money.

Now watch...something great will happen tonight and I’ll look like an ass.

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This mom needs a reality check...she's been to shows before, she watches with her son at home--so she knows what the product is. She knows that sometimes heels get heat by taunting kids. Prime example: Sasha Banks stealing Izzy's (Bayley's #1 fan) tiara and making her burst into tears at NXT Takeover: Respect. That kid's parent's knew the right thing to do was console her and make sure she understood it was all a show. I never saw them complain online.

This boy's mom should be thankful this wasn't a wrestling event in the 1970s. Heels used to do much worse. My mom took me to an event when I was very small. She jeered Jake Roberts as he walked to the ring, and he spit on her (this was pre "Jake the Snake", but go ahead and make jokes about the snake spitting on my mom if you want to sink that low). I was too young to remember it, but listening to her tell the story nowadays, I can tell she wasn't too pissed about it because she knew it was all an act. People today are soft.

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So happy Goldberg is going to the Rumble! The pop he got when he mentioned a title run was unbelievable. As excited as I would be if that happened, I see Lesnar showing up to the Rumble and causing Goldberg to be eliminated, thus setting up the conclusion to their feud at Wrestlemania. And what better setting for their final match together given the infamy of their match at WM20?

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Maybe I'm alone in this, but I'm extremely happy with the result of Goldberg vs Lesnar. I was completely surprised and taken aback, and as a lifelong wrestling fan, it's these types of very rare moments that keep me watching.

What all the people moaning about this don't realize is that this is the perfect setup for another match between these guys, because for the first time since he came back in 2012, Brock Lesnar looks beatable. I'd even go so far as to say that after losing in such quick fashion that he is now the underdog. That by itself is extremely compelling. How will he rebound? What lengths will he go to to avenge his loss? With this, WWE has just guaranteed themselves a shitload of publicity and revenue in the coming months. So, fellow internet fans, stop your head-scratching and enjoy the ride. :)

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He wasn't out of gas--look at some of his archived footage on WWE Network. His character is all about intensity--he breathes heavily for his entire entrance and even during the introductions if they take place in the ring. Someone else commented on how much he was sweating (I replied to that but the thread got deleted, thanks LOP) as soon as he got down to the ring. Guess that person forgot that the ramp and ring are covered by super hot stage lights, and that they've never noticed Lesnar sweating like a pig while just standing in the ring during a Heyman promo. Anyway, Goldberg looks to be in great shape for his age.

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I just realized that when I watched Raw on the DVR the last few weeks that I fast-forwarded through about 50% of each episode. I started watching Smackdown an hour late tonight and have been glued to almost every minute of it.

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Dude, sweating is not indicative of bad cardiovascular conditioning. Those lights over the ramp and ring are hot as hell--EVERYone who "walks that aisle", even just for promos, is sweating within minutes of their entrance. If anything, it's indicative that he was super hydrated. And plus, Lesnar sweats like a pig just standing there while Heyman is talking--I don't see you talking about HIS cardio.