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The Jews say "Never Forget!". Well, apparently, some of them did forget.

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Thank them for the gift. And now, since I see gifts like this wasted often I want to advise all to use this article as proof that liberals are full of sh#t when they call for civil discourse. Just look at how many liberals slur conservatives in the articles on this site alone on a daily basis. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt and call them what they are. Swine.

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So, what he's really saying is that he and others like him in the media business are chickensh#ts.

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Makes you wonder. Are they really that stupid? Are their advisors that stupid? If the answers are yes then we're screwed. Why is it Limbaugh gets it but these people who have access to him don't?

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No, I am not going there. You have latched onto my use of a few hot-button words and assumed I am.

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Abraham also asked God to not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if he could find, ultimately, one righteous man. My bad on saying it was Lot. You are also correct. I was simply making a point anyway.

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Thank you for your comment. Sometimes I feel like Lot here, looking for an honest man.

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Remember this article and the scores like it when you condemn the working poor as being the boil on the backside of America. I contend those in the higher classes are more of a problem for us all because they are able to hide behind the facade of respectability.

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While this was classless coming so soon after Andrew's death I don't believe it rises to the level to deserve our attention. Sherrod showed class.

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Apparently 6 US servicemen being killed is "calming things down" in this nitwit's eyes.