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To me, "Brony Music" is not exactly interesting/worthwhile music to write. There are 4 options in my eyes when it comes to writing "Brony Music"

1. Label Your Music As "Brony Music" Because You Are A Brony
2. Create Original Music Based On Characters/Events From The Show/Comics/ect.
3. Remix/Arrange Music From The Show
4. Write Music For Brony Projects

I should say that I normally write "Classical Music" (Classical in the sense that I use orchestral instruments) so someone who writes in other genres may have differing opinions.

1. A fair amount of people do this, mostly to try and get their music noticed. If you’re starting out, this isn’t a bad idea. It’s a good way to get some nice feedback from your fellow Bronies. Personally, though, if I’m writing original music, I’m not going to label it as “Brony Music” without a good reason.
2. This is probably my favorite kind of “Brony Music” to listen to, but not to write. I have tossed around the idea to write an Opera or Symphonic Poem of “FIENDship is Magic #1”. But, I can’t help but feel it would be kind of a waste. Many Bronies don't read the comics, but even less would give something that's seemingly as old-fashioned as Symphonic Poems a chance.
3. I still occasionally work on arrangements of music from the show, but most of my favorite BGM/Songs are already in the style that I write in.
4. I’ve been a Brony since the start of Season 2. I’ve worked on about 5 Brony Projects throughout that time, and most of the work I’ve done for them has yet to be released (and probably won’t in their current form). I don’t blame the people involved with these projects for this; most are well meaning people who just don’t have the time/don’t realize all that goes into what they’re doing and get overwhelmed, quitting the project. I’m currently working on my own Brony project, but I’m specifically doing something that doesn’t require others because I’ve been burned too many times.

There are some other things that do interest me. One in particular is some kind of Music Theory Class; hosted by Octavia and Vinyl Scratch or just taught by myself and/or other Brony musicians. If you guys have some other ideas of what "Brony Music" can be, I'd like to hear it.

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The lullaby Applejack sings in "Bloom and Gloom" is my favorite song from Season 5, but for some reason people don't remember it / don't count it as a song. Maybe because Ingram wasn't involved with it or something.

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Alright, Rarity focused episodes are usually my favorites, but I REALLY need a break from them.

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She's old and ugly, she MUST be evil!


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I loved FIENDship is Magic #1, so I'm super excited for this arc!

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Sorry, not really feeling it. It my be the singer, or that it's mostly just typical pop-piano accompaniment, but I can't really get invested into this one.

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Luna's in this episode. Who would've guessed

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If you rewatch that movie, you'll see that Jordan does actually play baseball, so it kinda works

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If you were expecting the NWC to be something like EVO, well, I'm sorry. This event was not that, and obviously never trying to be, but was still as exciting and fun as a "professional" tournament. Heck, the coolest part of the Smash Bros section wasn't even in a match, but when Cosmo changed his character to Roy, which would never have happened he was being "serious". It's all about having fun and I hope people start realizing that.

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This picture reminds me. Where was Zecora?