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If Reigns goes over clean at WM33, I will commit e-suicide on this site. Guaran-damn-teed.

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Long shot but I caught this, KO said he can get the rematch anytime he wants. WHAT IF, he 'cashes in' after the Lesnar match and pins him? I mean, Vince did it for Batista before WM26, fingers crossed this happens.

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Turned on him when he got 'the keys to the kingdom' and his utmost trust. Lol at anyone who doesn't get it.

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Haters gonna hate, no matter what.

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I've crapped on Cena a lot but his promo was amazing and since the Roman Empire crap, I've grown to appreciate Orton and Cena. Cena will forever be a bigger star than Reigns, mic and ring wise, he blows him outta the water too.
I really hope he turns heel this time or keeps the edge that he had this week, SD will keep beating RAW in ratings.

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If Conor fights in a ring against Reigns then he knocks him out quickly. In a close space like an elevator with no rules.... hhhmmmm....

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I actually like Conor, he's fun and has an awesome fighting style, always entertaining but hey, he did call out the entire roster so yeah.....
PS : It's Conor. Single N.

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Jack Swagger would fold Conor into a pretzel. He beat Cain Velasquez twice in wrestling. He'll take Conor down and beat the lucky charms out of him.
Let's not talk about Bobby Lashley (Not in WWE but damn, that would be a rolfstomp)

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.... I agree though. Now that he's failed the test, something feels kinda empty about him. He doesn't fit the mold of a 'freak athlete' that people call him. :T Sad really. I'm a fan but that mystique is greatly diminished even in the WWE. His drawing power will take a hit too.
Safe to say the beast gimmick is dead, or at the very least, kinda destroyed.
Still a Brock fan but man, he's not gonna be the same anymore.

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Brock worked himself to the bone to get where he is at right now. Also, training for a fight seems exhausting, especially when you have all the doubters just waiting to rip into you. Self doubt as well because of the hiatus.
War Brock!