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Cut the crap NAK. You pretend to have been there in the eye of the storm.
Evidence is there. SriLankan government has to lay charges and bring the suspects to trial. You see the dilemma. The dilemma is not that there’s no evidence. Cowards like you are afraid of the truth.

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At 80 years of age, what opportunity is he looking for? He was already 74 when he entered politics when urged by TNA.
Does an opportunist give up their clout and position to stand up for their principles?
I think this man is all about steadfast principles.

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Saffron glad rogue Gnanasara charged with contempt of court once more. Will he be lucky once more with a presidential pardon?

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Is there such a thing as NON-intelligence based economy?

Oh Gota. You rode on Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s expertise and accomplishments. Now once again, you’re doing your best to fake it. You’re an example of what holds back social progress in SriLanka.

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Has anyone else seen this report like Mahinda Rajapaksa, the leader of the joint opposition ?

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You are establishing yourself as quite a liar and fabricator.

Do you have track record in international and development economics? Does Gota? Does Mahinda?

Have you read the constitution?
The President appoints the PM, and appoints the ministers on the advice of the PM. The President shall determine the number of ministers for the cabinet and the ministries in consultation with the PM he/she has appointed.

[Chap VIII subs by s 9 of Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution.]
42. Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers.
(1) There shall be a Cabinet of Ministers charged with the direction and control of the Government of the Republic.
(2) The Cabinet of Ministers shall be collectively responsible and answerable to Parliament.
(3) The President shall be a member of the Cabinet of Ministers and shall be the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers.
(4) The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament, who, in the President’s opinion, is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.

43. Ministers and their subjects and functions.
(1) The President shall, in consultation with the Prime Minister, where he considers such consultation to be necessary, determine the number of Ministers of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministries and the assignment of subjects and functions to such Ministers.
(2) The President shall, on the advice of the Prime Minister, appoint from among Members of Parliament, Ministers, to be in charge of the Ministries so determined.
(3) The President may at any time change the assignment of subjects and functions and the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. Such changes shall not affect the continuity of the Cabinet of Ministers and the continuity of its responsibility to Parliament.

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Fair question:)
It’s actually the water purification system that needs repair and/or maintenance necessary provide drinking quality water. It’s during repair/maintenance that the supply gets shut down.
It may be time for new water purification technology and plants.

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You can’t just talk out of all sides of your mouth just to forward your political agenda;

So we agree Sri Lanka is not Singapore. Nor is it South Korea. So don’t compare how those two countries borrowed money to meet their stated targets. Sri Lanka is actually closer in comparison to all parameters of Afghanistan; so no surprise.

So you claim that they, the incumbent government, promised to make Sri Lanka into Singapore in one term (5 years)! And you were eagerly waiting for it to happen?

No candidate should be promising that they will achieve the same level of success as Singapore right here in Sri Lanka. It takes the right kind of population to achieve that kind of progress and sustained success.

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Mahinda Rajapaksa was the biggest offender in the history of Sri Lanka. Just google.

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What about it?
Charges laid and to be tried in a court of law.