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This guy that made fun of you, is so not worth your love, or whatever it is! Even if it is his "smile" that you love, trust me that's it.. This guy sounds foul. Trust me! Move on. Find someone who is worth it... It feels like love now, but trust me in a year it will be so different. You'll think, "What was I even thinking. This guy has nothing to offer me except a cute smile". Lol. Find someone who is worth it :]]

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That's hilarious.. She is just hating on you because, she wants to be more like you... Jealousy... Pure Jealousy

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As a girl, I would be the first to say that guys usually do this to girls, but it's a relief to know that isn't always the case. No offense. Sorry... Anyways.. It isn't fair that she's having fun and "in love" and you're miserable. Don't keep going back, because you know how it's going to end... She's a lesbian now, so all you can do now, even though it sucks, is move on and leave the past behind you... Drugs and Alcohol never help! Ever! ODing isn't going to do much good either. Try to meet someone new, try to start a new relationship with a girl who's straight, and isn't throwing her life away... Sex isn't an answer. Having sex with someone won't make you fall out of love with the other girl.. So really, just do new things, and talk to new people.... So are you doing better now? Are you doing anything to get over the girl? Keep me updated.

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Okay, I know people who have gotten abortions... And the person I know, wanted to keep it. Her family said they wouldn't of helped but it was just a threat. They would've helped. She was healthy and there were no complications with the baby, or her. And she would've got help financially ect. And she sent me pictures of the only sonogram... There were crazy things with the pregnancy too like, her mom passed away when she was a baby, and she was due on her mom's birthday... But, anyways, she got the abortion and even though the baby doesn't exist anymore I keep the ultrasound in my phone because it was still a baby... If you want to get an abortion don't tell people you're pregnant. Just do it, don't be mellodramatic, and whine about it, it's your responsibility. Don't have sex if you aren't ready.. End of story... Oh, I'm against abortions... I don't believe there really are exceptions...

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No matter how you made them, I like them...

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It's never easy when guys change.. But they always do... On one hand they don't change they're all jerks, but on the other hand they are nice and then turn into jerks... I don't get what's complicated about; be who you want to be... End of story

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Good short story.. But, are you going to elaborate more? Like why'd she change? Was there a guy she was trying to impress? Did something/someone help her change back to who she was before?..

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This situation is definitely hard to deal with... But, instead of looking at all the negative things, think about the good things you have.. Your boyfriend; your school; dreams you have. Instead of just the bad; Your dad; your mom... Think about it... Sometimes the good ends up outweighing the bad...

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This is first love, all the signs are there. But a majority of first loves never last... You'll move, and find someone who is like him, maybe not completely, but they'll have a few characteristics like him, and then you'll fall in love again... It's part of life to say goodbyes.. Just keep in touch and try to at least keep some sort of friendship.. P.S. You're leaving your hometown forever... All rules fly out the window... See him and talk to him before you leave. Or else you'll regret it..

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Definitely get to know him... Well, if you only like one out of the three that "fancie" you, then pick the one that will make you happy... Not the other two because it'll make them happy...