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"But the damage being done in the name of Net Zero will prove to be far greater in its effects on the wider economy." Pure dogmatic guess work.

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If only we were lucky enough to get Stalin! We got a mix of Eden and McDonald.

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The worst thing about the vote is that probably by Thursday the government will announce that they will keep the extra £20 but we will look weak by doing the u-turn and it will be used against us at the next general election. When will we get on the right side of the PR game?

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No thanks, we have a professional army. We need a bigger armed forces in general, the destuction of our armed forces since 2010 is a disgrace

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For a one sided argument, you are either for or agaisnt the rule of law.

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look at what i wrote, 'i know this is taken from Wikipedia'. I know that Wikipedia is largly useless for facts but come on, if you think anything (The Epoch Times) with links to Trump, QANON, anti-vaccination groups is giving you fair and balanced evidence, well i've got a bridge to sell you.

My Chinese is limited so i cant tell you what he is saying and if you believe anything the Epoch Times has to say, i have a bridge to sell you

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Well i'm not giving Trump a vote

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Sorry, as ever ironic is difficult to see written down.

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Ok, now i know this is taken from Wikipedia but you expect me to take something from them seriously?

The Epoch Times is a far-right[12] international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement, based in Midtown Manhattan.[17] The newspaper is part of the Epoch Media Group, which also operates New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television.[18] The Epoch Times has websites accessible from 35 countries[19] but is blocked in mainland China.[19]

The Epoch Times opposes the Chinese Communist Party,[20] promotes far-right politicians in Europe,[3][5] and backs President Donald Trump in the U.S.;[21] a 2019 report by NBC News showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[18][22][23] The Epoch Media Group's news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.[18][24][25] The organization frequently promotes other Falun Gong affiliated groups, such as the performing arts company, Shen Yun.[14][21]