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This article is a joke. I'm disappointed.

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Entirely correct. "Modernisation", which is what the think tanks (*cough* Bright Blue *cough* even though I love you so) won't stop drumming on about, is a continual process. To modernise, you bring the new blood in.

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That's a particularly edgy comment, even for you ETA.

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Agreed. She's there to tick the diversity quota (middle-class Oxonian *woman*, right?) at this point. Just make Cabinet appointments based on expertise...

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This level of frothing of the mouth is why grassroots Conservatives are no longer taken seriously...

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You're a joke.

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Taking back control with a sovereign Parliament right there.

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As a young, working-class Conservative (a statistical abnormality), I agree with the article. Our social media game was shocking, and actually it might be worse now. The Facebook and Twitter feeds for the Conservative Party are incredibly edgy. It's a joke.

The solution is not virtue signalling over free tuition, which would actually be regressive. How about stating that they have a progressive effect on making richer people "pay their fair share", and that they're basically graduate repayments?

The solution isn't tacking leftwards either, even if I'm no small-c conservative. The nonsense that I'm reading in the news about a "realignment" in the Conservative Party over the general election result is shifting the Overton window. It is literally playing into Jeremy Corbyn's hands.

The Party is going to be destroyed at the next election, and part of me isn't all that fussed about it. There needs to be a reset.

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My spidey senses are tingling.