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Agree but it is a part of the overall problem. The Unions and the politicians are equally to blame for their part in it. I can see asking for the sky however the politicians have to have enough balls to say no and not worry about getting elected and passing the problem down the road.

So yes not just the unions but also a problem that has to be dealt with which will help this year and future years if done correctly.

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I would say yes in some cases but not this one. They have a job and if they don't like it and they are free to look for a new one. Now is not the time to strike.

If we actually had a true capitalist market things would be different as well. We have a hybrid with too much regulation that tends to favor larger corporations.

The general welfare clause was to help those that could not help themselves and I agree to that. I also see benefit for unemployment not 2 years worth. My issue and especially in regard to unions this is getting obsessive. I can point equal blame to management who originally agreed to condition just to get through another year. There has to be a happy medium and at some point it’s time to say no more and look for a new job. We can’t afford the entitlement mentality to much longer.

I have been on both sides and busted my butt not to collect unemployment and I am not wealthy I just understand individual responsibility and sometimes people need a helping hand and sometimes a nudge as painful as it might appear works too. Being honest…

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I agree 100% and I also toss in management who orginally made the union concessions. Ugly little mess they all got themselves in.

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Not the best response on my part here and yes it stinks but they own the business and run it and make the calls. Employees are free to leave and look for work elsewhere. If we had a free market either the business would adjust accordingly or go out of business.

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Its the "general welfare" and I suggest you read the Federalist papers and get a better understanding of what our founders meant by "General Welfare". It is not a guarantee of a job or a 40 hour work week. We all have the freedom to look for work elsewhere.

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What is next? With each ban regardless of how small it may be perceived slowly infringes on our rights and freedom.

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This is a result of the inflation we are not experiencing by all the spending and printing of money to cover our own debts. Great fiscal policy. As the dollar drops in value your food prices will continue to rise but then again we are all entitled so who really cares it does affect me, right? Yes it does.

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They have the right to look for a better job and by the sounds of it they should. No one is entitled to a job or 40 hour work week and even benefits; yeah it may stink but it’s part of being free and taking individual responsibility.

Maybe just maybe unions had more to do with the mess we are in and not just the companies. I think both. Granted we are all to blame in the end because we want a lot of “stuff” for a cheap price and you get that by cheap labor, either here or outsourced and outsource wins at the moment.

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Having a job is not a right nor is one entitled. If they don't want to work for what the business can afford than I am certain there are many others that are willing.

Your statement is a good example of the many problems we face. One enters business to make money. If there is no money to be made the business either fails or no one takes the risk in the first place. Without risk and profit there would be no business and hence no jobs. This isn't which came first the chicken or the egg. You need individuals to take the risk in hopes to make a profit to create the jobs. In all of history I have yet to read where there were a bunch of workers standing around and a business started.

Instead why don't the workers pool their money together take the risk and do it another way if they think they have a better approach.

The government’s job is not to protect our welfare this is America where even today it is still up to the individual. This entitlement mentality must come to an end.

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Create a business friendly environment for Washington residents and out of State companies. One way to accomplish this is minimum taxes and simplified regulatory requirements. The increase in business creates jobs adding to the sales tax revenue and property tax as well as so many other smaller revenue channels. An income tax is not the answer and glad to see commonsense does exist.

We do need basic Government services and I think the majority are willing to pay for such. The majority however are tired of paying for wasted services and programs, including wasted travel. We have to take personal responsibility it’s time for government to do the same.