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the same year that CU decides to scrap their Journalism program, we lose a fine journalist. A job well done year in and year out, and we thank you!

But, before you go let us know your secret screen name so when you comment in the future from your Oregon hideaway, we'll know that the Black and Gold is still in your blood. :)

Carpe Diem!

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Now, see how easy that was! Take a bunch of hungry young men that are sick of losing, provide some leadership that they believe in following, challenge them personally to perform, and watch what they will accomplish for the good of the team. Nice job Brian, staff and players. I'm not saying they will never lose another game, but Iowa State was more dangerous, than Kansas, and the results could have been a big loss for a team that has been accustomed to finding a way to lose. Brian's leadership created an atmosphere that stopped the bleeding. K-State and Nebraska are certainly teams that can be beat. One day at a time.

Maybe Cabral will consider hiring McCartney as his defensive coordinator. He was meant for a time like this...enjoy! "Well done, is better than well said!"

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part 3
It is of utmost importance to quickly assemble a staff that will sit in the living rooms across this country of great athletes and look their mothers in the eye with the promise that they will take care of, educate, discipline, and for some, prepare for the NFL, their most prized possessions, their little boys.
We are in good hands with Cabral as the team prepares for Iowa State.
Finally, trust me on this. Bienemy may be a fiery competitor, and looks pretty good as the coach of Adrian Peterson, but he is no where ready to be a head coach of a Division 1 college football program. He has never even demonstrated that he can handle the responsibilities, coordination, and planning required to be an Offensive Coordinator.
It is still a sad day for CU football….

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part 2
Many are happy today there has been a change because they are angrily disappointed with the results of Dan Hawkin’s and his coaches. We’ll see if Bohn is a better judge when making the next hiring decision, or if he now is a “double minded” man as he contemplates pursuing the Kansas AD opportunity. The players will have to stop and look in the mirror too, because they were on the field when a weak Kansas team at best bowed their necks and whipped the pride out of CU football last week.

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It is a sad day for the tradition of CU football. I do believe it is the right move and it was time for Hawkins to depart. He showed no promise that he had the right answer to get things turned around. He and members of his staff have lost the battle in the living rooms of many excellent prospects. That is where programs are turned around first, and then coaching is a distant second. I know for a fact that when Dan interviewed with CU Regents, he stated that his entire staff would follow him from Boise State. Then Chris Peterson stays behind and in hindsight he may have been the reason Mike Bohn made the statement that with Hawkins CU had a “home run” hire. No one would deny Peterson the opportunity to be a head coach, but I believe Dan began with a bit of deception. In Hawk’s five years I think this team had to make adjustments to 4 different Offensive Coordinators; all promising to have the magic ingredient. No organization can withstand that number of disruptive changes.

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You must not have any plans for the holidays. You sound like becoming "bowl elgible" is a real accomplishment. I realize it brings in a few sheckels that would be helpful in paying for Hawks relocation package, but there are so many bowls today almost every team that manages to get 6 wins, and can sell a few tickets to alums gets invited to Detroit, Boise, or some remote town in Florida for a game to fill up the ESPN 5 demand for programs. There are bowl games in the local Walmart parking lots. Big deal......Build a program with a leader that watches his team perform, and doesn't make jokes behind their backs. It was Hawk that rushed to give his kicker a scholarship after he made one game winning kick a few years ago. Hawk thinks it all is a big joke, but the message he sends to his kids, staff, and fans is one of discord. He doesn't turn his back and snicker every time his son throws a pass or has an attempt batted back in his face. Sad, but we are still "bowl elgible!"

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What a stupid question.."Is Hawkins concerned about his future?" He will walk out of CU with millions of dollars, health insurance, and probably a retirement from the university. He will only have to give back his loaner car after he cleans out all the Mc Donalds wrappers in the back seat. Then he will be hired by another coach in a profession that takes care of all their own as part of the fraternity. The question should be looking the man right in the eyes, "Are you concerned about the future of this university?" Hawkins might be concerned if he lost his corporate job like I did 18 months ago, health insurance gone, kid in college, and a job market that so far has not been very accomodating to the 55+ crowd, and savings all but depleated then Hawkins may have a little more sense of urgency. What a sense of flippant and smug arrogance this man has as he only relates to what is all about him. Hey Hawk....there is a much bigger picture than a world just interested if you are concerned about YOU!

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who the heck is going to kick a field goal so we can get 3?__

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Give me a break Hawk…comparing an undersized guy who has never played a down of college football to All Pro safety Bob Sanders? It is good to know that you have a prospect on defense that will hit somebody though. A reporter once asked Pete Rose about a comparison between his career and a young, scrappy, hustling, and upcoming second baseman for the Dodgers, named Steve Sax. Pete responded, “ask me again when he has 4,256 hits, 3,562 games played, a lifetime .303 average, 2 golden gloves, 3 world championships, and then I will tell you how I would compare with Steve Sax.” Be realistic…let the kid ring somebody’s bell first and set a tempo for your lethargic team, and then we can makes some comparisons.

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Finally, forget that stats from yesterday, the final 56 + were a gift from Nebraska, and I can assure you based on the intensity of Bo, his brother and defensive coordinator will take many a tongue lashing for the letdown on the final plays. The sad thing is the CU team is taking solace in the stats and feeling pretty good about keeping it close. That attitude and leadership starts at the top, and the buck stops there. Will somebody get real with their internal evaluation, admit some gross shortcomings, rip into a few kids for lack of execution, and quit putting lipstick on the pig? It won't hurt the players self esteem to be held to a higher standards with a coach making an appeal in their ear hole.............enough of 2009, let's go recruit....