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Too bad I couldn't have been her boyfriend for one night. Those bastards would've been looking straight down the barrel of a .40 caliber handgun pretty damn quick.

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Well this kind of crap is why we couldn't predict 911 in the first place. It's got to stop.

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Hey Republican Party. . . Understand this! I don't want a compromise, and I don't want a so-called start over. I want it dropped. Six feet under. Dead. Never to rise again! Be the NO party and be PROUD OF IT! No talks. . . no compromise. . . no start over!

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An Intellectual is simply someone who's been educated beyond the ability to learn.

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I agree with you in theory, but that's what primaries are for. You can back a republican who holds your values and principles in the primaries just as easily as you could if you had a 3rd party. There's no more guarantee with a 3rd party that you're going to get the candidate you want than there is in the Republican party. You're making an assumption that any Republican is corrupt and a RINO. I think it's more of a matter of the average American waking up and taking more interest in who they elect and what they do once elected, and it looks as if that may be finally happening.

The Tea Party Movement can be a powerful, influential, and controlling force within the Rep. Party just like the Pro-Life movement, NRA, and Christian Right are. But, I think the magic of The Tea Party movement is that it wasn't organized by anybody. It was just grass roots Americans rising up. The minute The Tea Party organizes, i.e. has a board and a chairman with an official convention, etc. is the minute it loses it's magic. Then it's just another political party.

The progressive socialists currently running the show would love nothing more than to see an organized Tea Party running it's own candidates against Republicans. It would mean guaranteed victory after victory for the Dems, as the Tea Party splits the conservative vote.

The structure of the Republican party is already in place and ripe for the taking. Those who share the common values and principles of the founding fathers just need to gut out the current RINOs and basically refound the Republican party.

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I tend to agree. When Glenn interviewed Palin, she told him she didn't believe in a 3rd party. That instead we just need to gut the Republican party of it's corrupt RINOs and retake the party for ourselves. I whole-heartedly agree with Sarah Palin on that. . . I believe that Limbaugh is on the same page as well.

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One GLARING issue in The Tea Party movement is whether to start their own independent 3rd party, or just work to gut and clean the Republican party? The movement will stay divided until they figure it out.

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Well said. Once votes don't count, the country is over.

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It has pretty much become the SOP of the Democratic party to claim voter fraud, dissenfranchised voters, uncounted ballots, etc whenever a race is close. Ever notice how the Democrat ALWAYS comes out the winner in a close race? Whether someone finds a car load of uncounted ballots, or whatever, it's always in the Democrat's favor. Al Franken comes to mind.

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These Lefty commies have got another thing coming! I can't wait to be part of the shock and awe that's coming in about nine months!