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This is great and it's rare to find quality Federal vomit art displayed in public these days. In the '30's, puke murals commissioned by the WPA's Federal Art Project were installed in many major cities. Sadly, only one of them survived the great Bromo-Seltzer led art purges in the 1950's.

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D is for Drank Too Much

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100% stomach-churning canvas.

Puke-resistant? Doesn't say.

Out of stock.

Order now, there's going to be vomiting next year, for sure.

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Many of the sick students were throwing up on the floor, not able to make it to the bathroom or a garbage can in time because they did not feel queasy beforehand, Mr. Kuhr said. Everything within a 25-foot radius of the vomit is most likely contaminated, he added.

Norouclear fallout zone

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King has floated the idea of staking out the parking lot to catch the person herself, or leaving a bucket with a note to please take his behavior elsewhere.

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No one in the group can say for sure what exactly sparked their poor health, but they did all have one thing in common: they all drank at the “swim-up pool bar or swam at the swim-up pool,” Flowers told the news station.

Punta Cana’s Poor Pool Preventative Procedures Produce Parrothead's Prodigious Projectile Pukathon

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