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Greetings from Italy, hence the lack of posts recently. Keep those wins coming!

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I think both sides have good points here--Martin clearly is struggling at the plate, but defensively he is doing the job. Nobody expected the pitching to be anywhere near this good, and Martin has to get some credit for that, as does Ausmus. So must Honeycutt. I'm not sure the sample size of Ausmus' games is enough to base much on his CERA, but Martin's is. I think it would do a world of good, though, for Martin to get even more time off. Also, why not slide him to 3B occasionally with Blake hurting (unless, of course, the powers that be think that contributed to throwing problems last year)?

That said, Martin CANNOT be traded during the season. His defense and stability for the pitchers are too important. This isn't 2006--with the current team, his offense is just a bonus.

Mark makes a good point about the wildness of the pitchers. Also, I suspect the team ERA would be much, much worse without the defensive gems Hudson and Kemp seem to pull off nightly.

With Furcal batting lower in the lineup today, why not just put him 9th like Torre did for a while with Pierre?

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Soft? Yes, I seem to remember someone using that label for Ethier. Now, who was it . . .? ;-)

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I would subscribe, but I would also wonder what impact this model would have on the long-term viability of a blog like this? Tony is a known entity and clearly has attracted a number of new people to this website, but if the place changes to a subscription-based model, how many subsequent new people will join in the discussion? Would you then have member and non-member venues on the board? Would there be restrictions on discussing "paid" info in "free" threads? Not trying to be a hater--I'm just curious.

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We can lament not having Jackson now, but being traded was probably the best thing for him. He had some rough years in Tampa Bay, and LA would not have been as patient with him. He was probably rushed to the big leagues, and it is good to see him finally get things going despite that.

We'll always have that glorious night in 2003 when he beat the Big Unit. Maybe he'll end up in Blue again some day.

Tony, do you hear of any Dodger interest in Glavine? I see several national writers suggesting it, but the LA Times says no. I could see him as a good mentor, but I don't think LA has roster room for that this year.

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Vtadave, I think part of the issue with the Extra Innings package is that they normally use Fox regional broadcasts, and last night I guess a local LA station had the game instead of Fox Prime Ticket. I have the package through DirecTV and also have the package of regional sports channels. Occasionally Prime Ticket has the game but Extra Innings is using the other team's broadcas instead; in those cases I guess they lift the out-of-market blackout on the regional channels package (I live in Illinois), as I sometimes can watch the LA broadcast on Prime Ticket rather than the opponent's broadcast on Extra Innings. That is not common, though, and usually if Extra Innings lacks the LA feed, that means Prime Ticket is not carrying the game.

I was distracted the first few innings last night, then Tivoed the rest of the game and later watched the 8th-9th innings; as such, I didn't notice Grace being a problem. Generally I'm OK with the D-backs broadcasts, and I rather like the Rockies' announcers. The Giants games seem a bit less annoying this year, but I prefer to avoid them and the Padres if possible. The Angels' broadcasters--especially Hudler--are almost unlistenable, and the Astros games are not much better. We are truly spoiled by Scully.

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Tony, here's two more reasons to dislike ESPN games:

1. One of the commentators (Steve Phillips?) was going on and on about how the Dodgers must find a veteran starter to slide in between Bills and Kershaw for the playoffs. I can understand him overlooking Kuroda due to his injury, but I didn't know that Randy Wolf was such an unknown. I know these guys have a challenging situation in that they are calling games for teams they do not cover regularly, but I am repeatedly amazed at things "national" broadcasters say that clearly are incorrect or uninformed. Do beat reporters have much contact with these guys? Surely they get the same game notes, rosters, etc., from the teams that y'all do. Tons of information can just be taken from the team website anyway. Am I expecting too much, or do some of these folks just not work very hard at preparing for these broadcasts?

2. Someone above referenced the great Joe Morgan, who must have used the word "suspended" 100 times in his rant about Manny's rehab assignment. Of all the excellent announcers out there, how does Morgan keep this gig? Jon Miller is fine. Steve Phillips (except for above) is fine. Morgan just rants about things; finally Phillips called him out on the suspension thing last night. If you don't like the policy, fine. But it is what it is, agreed upon by the union and the league, and it is not an exclusion for Manny.

I watch this network as little as possible. I have to think that the MLB and NFL networks are (or will be) taking a serious bite out of ESPN's audience.

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Great game tonight. Is that a new press box at Wrigley? I don't remember it looking so modern.

Torre rolled the dice by letting Troncoso hit in the 9th. Cubs fans in my section were dumbfounded, but given the depletion of the pen in Denver (and against the Angels), it was the right call.

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Nice hitting by Ethier today. Maybe he is getting over the hump.

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Tony, you may be the only person who still checks that other blog.