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Thanks Matt. Good info.

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Thanks for your comment. If a customer is inclined to chase the best price down, then I agree that they should look for that particular item on sale. One of my key points is that if someone doesn't have time to chase down the best prices all of the time, that PetSmart is a pretty safe bet for consistently low or fair pricing. I have watched Petco play with their pricing numbers and I often see them marking original prices "up", just to then put them on "sale".

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Great idea Maya. Thanks!

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Very good points. I guess if you use Visa or MC gift cards it's a matter of calling them to confirm that they won't charge those fees.

And you're right - a cc will protect you more than a debit card. I hadn't thought of that. I'm used to American Express fighting my battles for me when there's a dispute. I'll have to call TD Bank to see what protection we have. Since TD doesn't charge for the Visa or the Debit portion of the card I'll be more conscious of using the Visa portion on large ticket items.

The Capitol One No Hassle Visa cards may be the way to go for extensive international travel.

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Thanks for the Best Buy tips - I had no idea I could recycle some of my stuff there. I also noticed this weekend that the Plymouth Meeting Whole foods has a recycle bin for old cell phones.

Something that helps me purge clothing is to call in reinforcements! My husband and sister are both amazing at telling me "it's time". Sometimes I hold on to clothes I think I'm going to wear again someday, not realizing that they are way past their expiration date. I find that I hold on to some of my clothing because it's attached to a good memory. But if I wore it again it would obscene. :-) Time to donate.

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Great point YogiB - re: keeping up on advancements in anatomy and physiology. Totally agree!

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They can still be located! Cardio + Weights + Ab Work = Superhero.

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The hubby has been officially informed that THIS is what I want for my birthday. Thanks, your review has me sold.

I agree regarding the life cycle of other mats. Over the course of practicing yoga for a few years, I've noticed that my mats break down in about 6-8 months. Little pieces go missing (not good for the environment) and the mat starts to stretch, slip and buckle during practice. I recently tried to replace my Lululemon "Align" mat and was surprised to find out that the newest version is THINNER than the one I purchased 8 months ago. It buckled during Warrior 2 the first time I used it.

I'm ready for a serious mat!