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" Do we ban everything that a criminal might use to hide their identity?"

That, incidentally, is not the question. The question is whether women should be able to ask for public services that require identification when they are veiled completely aside from their eyes, or that their religion -- which doesn't not require that women mask themselves -- exempts them from public custom. But returning to the straw man you've constructed, the government already dictates to you what you can and cannot wear in public. See "disguise with intent" and "indecent exposure." Try walking into a store without shoes or a shirt. If you were a woman, I'd invite you to try walking downtown topless. Since you're a man, I'd invite you to walk into a playground topless. See where that gets you.


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I don't assume -- I know. Places where the burqa is worn are places where it is illegal not to wear them. If you find it soooooooo diffcult to imagine why women -- WOMEN! -- would not want to cover their face, forehead to eyebrow, nose bridge to chin and onward, why don't you imagine yourself, yes, you, a man, wearing the same thing day in and day out. Covering your face isn't just about aesthetic -- it is an erasure of identity, and that is a seriously psychologically damaging way to grow up. It is especially damaging since men are not subject to the same enslavement, and this is precisely why the burqa and niqab are issues of misogyny and not religious freedom.

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Hoodies don't cover your face. Scarves don't cover your face. Sunglasses cover your eyes to shield from UV rays. Makeup doesn't give you a new face. Halloween is one day out of the year. Long hair doesn't cover your face.

Changing up bigot for racist is a clever move, avoids that whole "Muslims aren't a race" thing, but still makes you a name caller in place of a debater. Also, the only unique thing about this article is that is was a man wearing a niqab, not a woman. This is interesting because ONLY one sex is forced into wearing these dehumanizing garments, and the gutless Western men who defend it shame their fellow Western women. While we're slinging mud, I'd ask you this question: are you just a misogynist?

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"Canadians did not; Calgarians did"

"To the Calgarians that voted for him, his religion and ethnicity are irrelevant. Given the reaction from the rest of Canada, this wouldn't be the case if the rest of you had a choice in the matter."

While you are busy pointing fingers at the sight unseen bigots you imagine are interesting in Nenshi's "skin colour," you might take time out to consider how this rant on Canadians v. Calgarians makes you look re: bigotry. Stinks of elitist classism to me, and I would bet money on the fact thst voters were turned on by the idea of voting for someone whose skin colour you deem unfit to observe by Canadians, but perfectly fit for you to harp on and on about. Accurately portraying the truths about a human being IS NOT BIGOTED. So take off your rose coloured glasses, stop claiming colourblindness and cultural relativism, and wake up. Your nose in the air elitism reflects poorly on you, but I will not paint other Calgarians as being like you because I don't know all Calgarians. Thanks for playing, though.

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"What Islam is or isn't doesn't change the fact that people rarely follow the true tenets of their faith."

This is a broad, sweeping statement about religion in general. We are talking about Islam, which has never been divorced from government since its inception. So that people follow its tenets directly or indirectly is not a matter of choice -- it is enforced by the law. This is why people are stoned to death for domestic issues like cheating on their spouses. The indoctrination from birth also makes it difficult for Muslims to shake off their beliefs once in another land.

Also, my original question remains unanswered. Does he refer to himself as such or is this media inspired? That's all I want to know.

I find it ultimately puzzling that you find asserting accurate truths about Nenshi to "reflect poorly on Canadians" when Canadians are the ones who voted him into office in the first place. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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"Until he can get over that his first priority will be to strengthen his community's foothold in the power balance of the system and then bring more of his people into the system they can change the system to their liking. in the muslim community, togetherness and peace means muslims only."

This is why this "Who cares about someone's religious beliefs?" nonsense is just that. If we examine the ideology, we know what you've said is bang on. The Koran is explicit -- take not Christians or Jews of unbelievers are your friends; strike off the heads of the unbelievers wherever you find them; the continuous and repeated commandments on making war in Dar al Harb. Most importantly, in a democracy, population counts. Muslim women bear 5x the number of children than the average Westerner. So colonization is acheived by a matter of one or two generations -- that's it.

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"Certainly if a person is going to identify themselves with a particular faith, one would think that they would follow its tenets, but that is clearly not the case in the vast majority of cases."

Stating opinion in place of factum doesn't move me. Islam has remained immutable since its 7th century inception. Islam is not Christianity or Judaism, two Abrahamic religions that have succumbed to secularism in part because of the admission from theologions and the like that the Bible and Torah are not meant to be taken literally due to the nature of their assemblage. The Koran is the word of Mohammad, prophet of Allah, full stop. It shall not be altered. So, no, it is not reasonable to apply what we know of Christianity to Islam; it is an assumption of the uninformed to do so.

As for your guesses about why this person goes by Muslim Canadian, I'm not interested in that. I only bring it up because Muslims tend to discard their nationality, placing their Muslim identity at the fore.

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You don't know anything about the real troubles in the world if you think 13 year-olds don't run away from home and stay away because their parents are monsters.

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You skated past my question.

Also, the Khadrs aren't "douchebags" (as if they are a rowdy, drunken, obnoxious group in a two-bit bar) -- they are fundamentalist Islamicists.

Lastly, "we" aren't "punishing" Omar because his parents were "a-holes." Omar killed a medic of his own free will and volition. He also was videotaped parading around with a human head grasped in his hands, not to mention the car bomb training video. This guy fit right in with his Pakistani tribalist Muslims better than anyone in Canada! Actually, I'd say the closest he comes to any Canadian is Russell Williams -- minus the title.