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So what is the difference between Afghanistan now and Afghanistan eight years ago? How much money are the idiots in Washington going to spend on nation building in Afghanistan? How long will we continue to listen to all the dimwitted bleeding heart liberals before we realise that the only real social and cultural power in Afghanistan is Islam. Neo-liberalism and morally relative secularism do not have the ability to confront Islam, much less supplant it, be it in Afghanistan or Western Europe. You can build all the girl schools you want and spend countless hundreds of billions of dollars on humanitarian gestures, but at the end of the day the hearts and minds of the Afghan people (like their Iraqi co-religionists) is with Islam.

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Shahid Malik is a lying stealth jihadists akin to his American-based brethren Ibrahim Hooper and the rest of the CAIR gang. Muslims are indeed not as opposed to "extremism" and terrorism as Mr. Malik would have us believe, to the contrary as recent polls have shown. Of course, if you actually acknowledge the truth about jihadism and Islamic supremacy among Muslims in Britain you will be probably soon be on that list of "racists" that Shahid Malik and his friends in the Labour party would have us believe are such a dangerous threat to British society. George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave right about now.

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I just don't understand how so many indigenous Europeans, be they English or Dutch, take all of this. Muslim supremacy advocates get special treatment and can openly work to subvert the societies that generously took them in, while native Europeans are treated as potential criminals and are expected to stand by silently as their civilisation is destroyed by the combined forces of cultural Marxism and Islamic supremacy.

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Sorry, an old Anglophile like me often forgets about the Scots and Welsh (even though I have a bit of Scottish ancestry). Perhaps I should use the term Anglo-Celtic when referring to the indigenous people of Britain (as opposed to the more recent Muslim immigration invasions from the Indian sub-continent and Somalia).

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Just for the record (and before I get any more negative reputation points), I was mocking the dhimmitude of Dinesh D'Souza, not agreeing with his dimwitted pandering to "traditional" Muslims. When I saw these Nigerian mujahideen demanding shari'ah, I was immediately reminded of Mr. D'Souza's foolish statement.

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So it is now essentially a crime to be Anglo-Saxon in Britain. To these leftists and their Muslim allies, the very existence of white, Christian people is a blight on the very face of humanity and one that must be exterminated. They will not be satisfied until every white, Anglo-Saxon and the English civilisation is wiped from the earth and the memory of mankind. The ethnic Anglo-Saxons have become second class citizens in their own homeland.

For the record, we all know what "racism" means to the Left and its jihadist friends, it means anyone who stands up for the Anglo-Saxon heritage and tradition, traditional Christianity, and opposes multiculturalism, mass immigration, and Islamisation.

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If you go on YouTube you can find a clip of Shahid Malik talking about how he hopes to see the British parliament Islamised and have a Muslim prime minister within the next 30 years. So what is the difference between Shahid Malik and Anjem Choudary, aside from their methods (i.e. stealth jihad vs. militant jihad)?

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Apparently, the British government no longer thinks it has a problem with Muslim fanatics either, so instead it is going to tackle that ever present danger: white racists:

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Now where would so many Pakistani Muslims get the silly idea that Islamic law demands the execution of apostates?

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"If they want Sharia, let them have it." - Dinesh D'Souza