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It's because their are things other than ponies in life. Stop being self centered.

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The only reason Mrs Faust has joined the project is because it's not for profit. Any money changing hands in account of them will only damage the good reputation they have and drive media publishers/fans/Mrs Faust away.

The only reason this Skull Girls Kickstarter works is because it's being done as a favor if the Skullgirl developers can afford to support it so it's technically a loophole.

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I prefer the Applejack Box Valve made.

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That's it. That circle reminds me too much like Kirby for it to just be a coincidence. I might try a Kirby crossover fic.

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The problem is that My Little Pony is a poisoned brand name, it has the horror of it's predecessors (more specifically generation 3 and 3.5) all over it. People aren't thinking about Friendship is Magic, their thinking about just "My Little Pony" by itself. This is the problem people has with this fandom, and if they don't pay attention to the show and look at it with an open mind. FiM can seem just as shallow as Hasbro's other MLP properties.

If we need to get rid of this stigma, PLEASE get people to stop looking at it as "My Little Pony" and more as "Friendship is Magic".

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EqD can post whatever they want! ^_^

Ponies involves everything in the world nowadays!

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Oh god, it's imagination land all over again =P

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It's still a testament towards the brony community not to allow people to have opinions.

Aren't I allowed to think their initial reaction was handled immaturely? They sounded like they were punishing users, saying they are going to tale away the bite size updates without clarifying at the time I read it.

Please I respect and understand your opinion. Can't you just meet us halfway?

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Keep going, I'm not even reading your comments any more, I just find it fascinating how much you guys can type =P

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The manliest brony interviewing the voice of the manliest Sea Serpent.

Oh God What a world!

What a world!