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I don't really care for their music, but oh gawd they're hot.

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The best anime at the moment, or ever, hands down.

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They are both crap. Yup, I said it.

*runs away*

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Yes, I consider 1989 a very good year also.

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Why do I get this sudden urge to rip that birds head off?

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I was aware that it uses vocal samples from a real singer. Most japanese idols don't sound like 50's robots because their articulation etc. isn't messed up like it is in the Hatsune clips that I've seen. It may not be computer generated, but it's computer adjusted.

Apparently I have to check out better recordings of her, and see if my opinion is to change.

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So... Why is Hatsune Miku popular again? Voice synthesizers IMO still have a very unlively and robotic sound to them.

It's awesome lulz to see Hatsune Miku Japanese live concerts, and see the people worshipping a projected computer image of an anime girl dancing and singing :D

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The concert scene in the first episode is one of the most memorable anime scenes for me. Awesome drawing and music. Macross Frontier has the best soundtrack in anime that I've come across.

One of the gripes I have with the show is the fact that May'n didn't do Sheryl's talking voice, so the singing sounds weird compared to normal conversation, though this isn't enough to actually bother me when watching.

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Bleach and Naruto have awful a lot of fillers. They have a lot of episodes, but because there's so much filler, the story hasn't really advanced much.

One Piece on the other hand has 442 episodes out, and has very few fillers, especially when compared to Bleach and Naruto. IMO Bleach and Naruto also aren't as good or interesting anymore, the best parts are far gone. Bleach from the beginning to the end of the Soul Society arc was pure awesomeness, but then came the fillers and the uninteresting current arc. Naruto was great in the beginning, but then Sasuke went emo and the fillers started. Naruto hasn't suffered as much as Bleach from this, because Shippuuden is actually quite enjoyable at times, and has had it's epic moments.

Still, those two just seem to have gone stale. Nothing seems new. One Piece on the other hand has continued to evolve through all the 442 episodes, with new characters and places, epic battles and a very interesting and vast world. It hasn't lost it's magic, because Eiichiro Oda has developed the story and revealed information about the world very gradually, so there's still "OMFG!" moments and new things come up all the time, without seeming forced like Bleach and Naruto sometimes. There are also many things that are mentioned in an episode once and actually explained hundreds of episodes later, which gives the story a solid feel. It's a huge project to start catching up now (I started watching at around episode 240) but it's definitely worth the trouble for the massive and detailed story and world without equal.

As you have probably noticed from this long and perhaps illogical rant, I consider One Piece to be hands down the best anime ever.

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I really liked her character in Macross Frontier, even more than Ranka.

Ranka was, dare I say, too nice. Normally this isn't an issue, but when put up against this feisty pop-star she seemed dull.

Also, I have noticed myself leaning a bit on the tsundere side, when deciding who to root for. They just seem more interesting, fun and perhaps even more realistic than the girls who only have the nice side.

I've been browsing back in time in the blog, and I've really enjoyed these Tsundere Tuesday writings, keep up the good work :D