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"Butt" is a Kashmiri muslim corruption of Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning "Bhat" used to describe the Hindu preistly...

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unless of course the exception being christian missionaries who are trying to uplift the lives of the poor and low caste indians.

I'm sorry if anyone has done anything to uplift the status of lower caste people and women then it has been the secular government of India. Indian affirmative action and its positive discrimination laws make the affirmative action laws here in the US seem like a joke. Christian missionary activity in the tribal belts of India is nothing more than a cynical soul harvesting exercise. Don't give me the bull about uplifting, conversions don't do a zilch to anyones status in caste ridden rural badlands. Poorest people in India are by far well... the Muslims. Missonaries dont have balls to proselytise to them or even the Sikhs... those Sikhs at Akal Takht would cut them down. If anything Hindus are some of the most tolerant folks, Hinduism is the reason why India is home to most followers of the Sikh, Jain , Bah'ai and Zoroastrian faiths... Hindus actually get along well with vast majority of Christians as well. But if you want to come to India with your self-righteous babble of "saving our infidel souls", prey on our most vulnerable and aculturise them, then thanks but no thanks.

Also as for your statement about "cowardly" Hindus, Hindu India fell not because it was an inferior civilization but because of specific Hindu customs relating to ethical warfare and general disunity of the Hindus. Yet you forget my friend that the sword of Islam was blunted in India. If all those Hindus martial races hadn't drained their blood copiously, India would have been completely Islamic today and all of Asia would have fallen...

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The history, the culture and above all the prophet we brought to them. They flocked over to our side in the millions; and whilst some backwards like shivaji tried to spoil the party; we thrived.

You make me puke, my ancestors may have lost to the Arabs, the Persians and the Mongols, but they never ever gave in to your 7th century savagery. My Indo-Aryan ancestors were more cuclured circa 2000 BC than your prophets 7th century bedouin gang. Dude, if you ever go to Bombay, for your sake so ever say that about Shivaji, you will be impaled on the road. Shivaji is one of the reasons why India still isn't a part of Dar-ul-Harb. If you've read our history, you will know Aurangzeb, came down to Deccan for 27 years to exterminate every single one of us "mountain rats" and what did happen to him? Far from killing my culture off, Mughal empire imploded needless to say 350 years after we were declared the "enemies of Islam", we still thrive in our northern Deccan homeland which is also incidentaly one of the most prosperous parts of India!

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hating India and the blasted Hindus... is the balm that keeps Pakistan glued together!

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they're in bed with Russia and China. What can we do.

Its a bit rich, given that Barry O. and Hillary C. are busy arm twisting India into negotiating with the killers of 60000 of their own people...

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I go to U of I... And trust me Chicagoland is pretty much the hub of the Islamist activism in America. U of I has a one of the biggest MSAs (a Moslem brotherhood affliated organisation) and I know for a fact that public funded high schools from Naperville area do have their own chapters of MSA...

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I actually know where Oak Lawn is... *shudders*

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China Post is Taiwanese... but still Xinhua is one of the most biased news sources i've seen.

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You don't have to be a member of the ETIM to be a Jihadist. Rioting in support of Islamic separitists would be considered as part of Jihadist activities. Understand the difference?

Thats a piss poor argument. Where does it state that they are rioting in support of jihadists? It looks more like an ethnic conflict more than anything else.

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Confessing to a crime doesnt make it less severe. Pakistan has to answer for 20 years of sustained Jihad attacks on the Indian populance.