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There is something seriously wrong when anyone thinks the government can micro-manage a business. They can't even take care of their daily business and read the bills they vote on, and all you have to do is look at the areas where they do have increased management or oversight to see where this is going. We've tumbled so far down the rabbit hole that we've left Alice far, far behind.

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If they want to stimulate the economy, then do things that will stimulate the expansion of small businesses and give people some tax relief. Remove the dams that are holding up the money supply. STOP. BREATHE. READ. That's the biggest and most immediate gift they could give American People.

1) One immediate way would be to have a moratorium on all these business regulations that are forcing people to give up their small business dreams. No more until the ones that are on the books are examined to see if they are working.

2) Deregulate where ever possible and provide small businesses with relief from all these tax assessments and the growing mountain of fees and hidden taxes.

3) Roll back the tax rate on small businesses.

4) Have states, cities, and towns roll back the taxes and put a moratorium on all these fees and hidden taxes. States and cities can do a lot to help businesses. Don't run major businesses out of the state or make it impossible for small business people to operate.

5) Provide real tax cuts so people have more of their money and let them decide what to do with it.

6) Streamline and deregulate. Who can keep up with all these laws?

7) Don't pass anymore laws until you know and understand the implications of the ones you've already passed and get rid of those that are either not working or are having a negative impact. Don't create a new law to counter the old one because you always have unintended consequences. Just cancel the old one.

8) Stop passing bills without reading them and without a thorough debate that not only considers the intention of the bill but the unintentional. What are the ramifications?

9) Do a moratorium for 6 months to one year: Congress shall enact NO laws. I'd be happy if they'd just stop making laws for about 6 months to a year and catch up on all the reading that they are evidently not doing. Then revisit those laws and regulations and get rid of the stuff that should never have been passed.

10) Stop all the piggybacking of additional bills and components that slide through in the dead of night.

If the politicians really want to help the people, the biggest gift they could give us is a cessation of Congressional ways as they are now. They need to STOP. Stop spending. Stop taxing. Stop writing laws that no one is reading. Stop, stop, stop. They are drunk on power. They are so focused on the minutia that they are unleashing an avalanche of unintended consequences--to go along with all the dangerous intentions they are attempting to put in place.

STOP. BREATHE. READ. That's what I'd most like them to do. Then go about undoing 90% of what they've done in the last 10-15 years. That would be a great start.

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Thanks, Shane. In fact, that's the reason I began my blog earlier this week. I couldn't take it anymore. It's too much. Since I'm a writer, I turn to writing instinctively. Thanks for stopping by.

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Biden was wrong. Not 6 months. Try 60 days and counting. I think Obama's actions and inactions are giving many the idea that he is soft. This is only the beginning.

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I've been thinking that July 4th is a perfect day for something big to happen. It's Independence Day and if there is one thing that is at risk it's our independence, our freedom. But it has to be huge. Even that is several months away and risky given the speed of all this stuff.

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I've been wondering whether the states could be used to help generate a forceful enough push-back on all this legislation? Waiting until the next elections will be too late. Some kind of massive push-back has to occur to prevent all these things from passing. That's why they're pushing to get it all down now. They don't want to leave any time for a response. And it's working.

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Perhaps the states can rebuff the feds and put the breaks on some of this stuff. It's going to take a huge push-back to halt this train.

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Forget the tea bags: Send them violins. At least they can create music while we burn.

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They need to do more than fall out of love with him. They need to head to Vegas and find a way to divorce him. This administration is dangerous and more than the economy will suffer.

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By the time we can vote these folks out of office all this stuff will be entrenched. They are moving at light-speed exactly for that reason. America has given them the power and America will reap the reward. There aren't enough Republicans in office to stop this; there are even fewer conservatives. The question is what do they fear and fear now?