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Why worry, you can pay for it all out of quantative easing. You only need to apply the brakes when inflation goes up.
A chap who lives two towns away from me, a bit more posh even than me can you believe, says all you fools who
follow the religion of quantative easing don't give a jot about us chaps who's money will get devalued. Too true I don't.
I have a not insubtantial pile myself, but I would put in gold or shares, or property. I would have thought chaps even richer than me would have the gumption to figure that. We all are all haunted by Germany and wheel barrows filled with cash to pay for a loaf, but you slam the brakes on much sooner than that. So print away to your hearts content.
Who gives two hoots if the IMF thinks we are being irresponsible. Imagine the fortune we could spend on research and development, Britain might end up building starships.

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He calls it lying on a form, but technically isn't it manslaughter ? Maybe we should flog people in the public square.
Anyway, how man of us reading this are going to go to a dodgy country, and even if we did, would any of us lie in any case, I think most of us are too honest regardless, so it wont affect us. I do not thinki I have dropped any litter for around twenty five years. Not even an orange pip. So ten thousand pound fines for dropping litter would rather amuse people like us on some level would it not ? I am not one for chopping hands off. But fines do have their funny side.

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Good point.

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In robotics, I understand the British near Cambridge, and the Japanese have replicated the human hand. Surpassed it i in fact. Six fingers if you like, and telescopic fingers. I was hpoing this would wipe out swathes of human jobs and usher in the age of liesure. Robots have a problem with analogy. An illiterate Victorian worker can tell a tennis ball from an apple. Victorian workers also have an inner ear, and a sense of balance. However it is only a matter of time before robots will wipe out the job of all human window cleaners. Unlike dumb Tory Mps, the super rich can see the writing on the wall. They realise people without jobs wont be able to buy their products, and so the super rich are in the vangaurd calling for universal basic income. Five community centers, and two trade union centers, now have replicaters, or 3d copiers. In thirty five years, even the poorest citizens will have flying cars, pilot-less. Domonic Cummings for all his faults, did promote a book about super forecasters, and Boris made speeches sounding a bit like a futurist. Some might accuse me of living in the future, but I would rather be me, than some relic still living in 1951. Worse than that, a horrid little man who begrudges the poorest in our society, an extra, less than three pounds per day. The nasty party. Makes you ashamed to be a Conservative doesn't it. Religion is dying out. There is no longer any Christian reason why people should work at unattractive jobs. The other "plausable" reaon, is that we in attractive jobs get to moan about paying taxes to support the idle. But when robots take over, the tax system is abolished, and replaced with permanent quantitve easing. the advanced robots of the next century, outperform a far east human worker by a factor of one hundred. There are no poor, but some may fear that the idle may resort to crime, but in the land of semi plenty, crime becomes rather academic.

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Should have sent Richard Branson and Alan Sugar to negotiate Brexit for us. It's a long day
in hell before anybody can out negotiate those two.

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God god, what a blast from the past. Twenty years ago, I invented an organization called RESOURCE GOLD.
This was for people to go into schools and share their hobbies and interests, or things from their life experience, including their professional or working life. Though it was not designed for adults to go in and help out with maths and English and geography. I thought they had teaching assistants for that. Plus, people were far more keen on sharing their own enthusiams, than they would have been about trying to gem up on old maths skills.
More recently I invented an org called you need a musical education. A chap who for example thought that the band Pink Floyd were the best thing since sliced bread, would go into a school and spread the gospel. My own take on this is, that in actual fact it is ABBA that is the best thing since sliced bread. In 2010 I invented WORD THIRSTY. I think we have got the teaching of literature, and the joy of reading a bit wrong, and this org set out to address this. I have had precious little encouragement from Labour or Tory governments in that past, with this sort of thing, and don't expect much this time around. But just in case of a miracle, it's

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Your reply consists of eleven words. Well at least you got into double figures, that is an achievement for you. I do prefer to debate with people who can string two sentences together, in favour of their position. Clearly you have never read a thing about the theorised Wilson plot, nor seen a single serious docu. Could you please make so proper, chess style, counter points, rather than you just pulling tonques as if in a schoolyard. You say may post is best suited to a QAnon page yet completely fail to offer one single reason why. What school did you go to ?

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London is an alpha city, one of the ten most wealth producing cities in the world. If Scotland wants to leave, and turn those taps off, Wales and the north of England will be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of LONDON DIVIDEND. The SNP banned the smacking of children, and want to ban politically incorrect speech in peoples private homes. Literally from the pages of 1984, and Stalinist snoopers, children informing on parents. If England has nowhere to park her nuclear subs, then Scotland can expect little intelligence sharing, and no nuggets from GCHQ. There would have to be a border of course. Scotland can have as many migrants as it likes, but they are not coming to England. England doesn't have to give Scotland permission to over fly English air space, or to sail in English waters. Insurance actuaries can indicate a hundred different ways England can make life awfully difficult for Scotland. England might be better off without Scotland. Remember, the road to greatness began with good Queen Bess, gloriana, when we were not with Scotland.

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This fine man talks much sense.. With Keynes, spend like hell when it rains, cut back like the clappers during economic sunshine. Unfortunately, every government that claimed to be Keynesian, couldn't bring themselves to slam the brakes on during sunshine. Labour and Conservative, have been shameful in dragging Keynes through the mud. Critics of Keynes use the betrayal of him as ammunition, how low can you get ? Before Keynes, the four levers were tax, printing money, interest rates, and borrowing. Keynes had the revolutionary idea of using public spending as a lever, this was an astonishing insight and innovation, making him a near genius. It is the equal of when Monet revolutionized art with impressionism, though not on the level of Einsteins treatment of time, and the speed of light, as levers in physics. Though I fear economics is art and not science, in terms of levers, and qualities, and aspects, economics seems like physics. As gravity seems to affect time, interest rates or unemployment may affect inflation or gold, or oil, and so on. Though it is a devil of a job working out what affects what. One wonders if some economic Einstein may discover some relativity of economics, and we shall have perpetual wealth, perpetual growth. In economics there maybe fifteen or twenty five forces in play, and we know inflation is one force. Nobody has ever got to grips with twenty or so forces. Some of those hailed as great economists, seem to be complete idiots, in that they have written an entire book on a wonder theory, while totally ignoring for example gold, as a force in play. Some economists, even ones who have won a Nobel prize, are so dumb they base their theory on as few as five forces. This would like like writing a theory of physics while ignoring totally, thermo-dynamics. The inventors of moneterism, a la Thatcher and Reagan, seem to be completely nuts, in ignoring at least seven economic measures, and their inter relations.

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You know all those conspiracy theories about secret societies ? Can't say I'm convinced that the way out ones like the Illuminati and so on really exist. However the Freemasons, and the Knights of St Columba do exist. The idea that the Freemasons are out to rule the world, is not awfully sensible. Quite what the Bilderberg Group and the Bonesmen get up, one can only speculate. But there is one interesting one, that at one time did appear to meddle a bit. The Mountbatten Society. During the cold war they were awfully worried about communism, well rightly so. A number of them were not exactly fans of Harold Wilson, they feared he might have been an out and out red, A number of credible experts, writers and commentators now accept that there probably was some sort of plot against Wilson. It sounds like something out of a film, but with all it's retired colonels, and pretty heavyweight aristocrats involved, it's not entirely impossible that they could have mounted a coup against Wilson. Wilson resigned through ill health and all is now history. Now to the present day. Nobody seems to have a clue if the Mountbatten Society still exists, or if they do, they might be in some kind of mothball state. Of course today they might not be quite so worried about communists, as the Islamic invader. In theory, they would probably think that Boris was their man in Downing Street, and they would expect Boris to seriously wield the axe on immigration, and erm, erm, deportation. They wouldn't be the only ones breathing down his neck. Twenty two million voted Brexit, immigration was a key issue. I don't think it has quite yet dawned upon Boris, and the Conservative Party, just how great the expectations are, as regards immigration. The global media are controlled by five families. Boris can please the media and outrage the people or please the people and outrage the media. Well on immigration. If Boris is using the media for his compass on immigration, he might think he is heading for the tropics while heading for the north pole. Britain First has increased it's membership by ten per cent during covid. If an immigration hard case was sitting in Downing Street, and with the virus, this ought not to be possible. This ought to worry Boris greatly.