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That's not the way I'm seeing it. It's the conservatives leaving the republican party and telling me the republican party left them. The biggest load of BS is that conservatives took over the republican party. That is totally false. I see liberal dems registering republican to run in elections, our so called beloved RINOs. Some win, most don't but they stay republican to steer the party in the wrong direction. Conservative republicans I know that switched to democrat in the latest election did so in hopes of messing with Clinton/Obama. Many are still registered as D. The ones fed up with the taakeover of the republican party by the RINOs registered Indpendent and they ain't coming back until the RINOs are gone, which I don't see happening in the near future. I am a registered republican and I'm a county committee member. I expect before too long I will be switching to Independent since there is no "Conservative" party like they have in some other states, and I don't expect to re-register as a republican if the party keeps moving or stays to the left.

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Rah, Rah for the new republian, liberal lite party? If I have to pretend I'm liberal to win an election the results isn't worth the effort. I'd rather be conservative and lose all elections than lie and win. Which is probably why the country has gotten so corrupt. Win at any cost. Arlen Specter has no principles and it shows. Throw all the RINOs out of the republican party and show voters elected republicans will be honest and stand up for people and republican candidates will win elections.

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You hit on a really great point, being a conservative first and republican second. The democrats have gone to the extreme left and far too many people have been trying to pull the republican party to the left. "We have to be inclusive". That's a load of BS. The failure of the republican party has been the inclusion of RINOs, moving the party to the left. Specter and the talking bobbleheads want everyone to believe the failure of the republican party is because it went too conservative. Just another load of BS. I've seen far too many people drop out of the republican party and they've all told me the republican party left them. If the problem doesn't get fixed and people don't pay attention, there won't be a republican party, just liberal and liberal lite.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Finally, Specter admits to what we've all known for many years, he's a liberal democrat. It must have been very clear that Toomey was about to kick his butt really bad and he thinks democrats will support him in the primary. Word to democrats, Specter doesn't care about any of you, only his political career. He'll screw democrats just as bad as he's screwed republicans. The only thing that matters to Specter is "he's a powerful man". I hope the democrats see through Specter and dump him.

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Our county committee wasn't given a chance to endorse the judicial candidates. We were told who we would be endorsing. We were told to "trust" the judgement of our state committee members that voted in Harrisburg.

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As a current county committee member, I'm pretty positive the state committee will endorse Specter and county committees will follow suit. I suspect I won't be a county committee member for much longer as I am of the opinion county committees should decide if they want to endorse during the primary season and state committee members from each county should voice what their county says at the state committee endorsement meeting. Sadly to say, the republican committee system in Pennsylvania is dictated/ruled from the top down. County committees do little more than bobblehead imatations and put out the signs for the candidates endorsed by the state committee. One of the main reasons county committees can't retain members. Our county committee is referred to as the "party" committee. When is the Christmas "party"? When is the Lincoln day "party"? etc.etc.

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As a dyed in the wool conservative, I'm taking the stance that I'd rather vote for any democrat knowing where they stand on the issues rather than vote for a RINO that cannot be trusted to come through when it really matters. My vote and support will be going to Toomey and if he doesn't win the primary, I will be supporting the democrat candidate no matter who it is. Maybe six years later the republicans that supported Specter will finally get the message.

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Sounds like a kool-aid drinker to me. Electing Specter is a guarantee Harry Reid doesn't have to worry about a filibuster. Somebody wasn't paying attention when the stimulus bill was passed with the blessing of Specter. We're looking for volunteers for Toomey here in NE PA.

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It was mentioned at the Towanda, PA TEA Party today that Specter could have stopped the stimulus package. Needless to say, there wasn't a single Specter supporter at the TEA Party. The time is ripe to get rid of Specter. Toomey can beat Specter and to hell with veiled threats from anyone. As I've said before, Specter will be hard pressed to find any "citizen" outside the state committee or the county committees that will be supporting him. We're getting things ready to make sure Specter doesn't win in NE PA.

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Specter needs to retire, that's the best way to keep the seat republican. The push is on for Toomey volunteers. Hopefully this time around with this much advance time, Toomey will beat Specter. I'm not finding Specter supporters outside of the state and county committees.