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I'm sorry, but if you were talking about a recession, you could be correct.But this is no recession. It's a fill blown depressoon. depression and its getting worse all the time. Not to worry, government will have money to take care of everyone so they have food on the table and a place to live. Government might have to kick people out of their homes first because they didn't pay property taxes, but then a home will be available. When all this works out, with all your support all the liberals can stay in office and everyone on welfare can support the liberal candidates to keep them there. Society is going to be so wonderful. Everyone getting money every week from the liberal politicians and no-body having to do anything to be rewarded. I',m so happy witht now it feels like I'm floating around in heaven. Everyone should be really happy with our liberal friends not making any og use work for money. they just give us the money and we buy anything we want or need abd the gov,ment pays for it. Yes sir, votinh for these democrats is the best thinh that ever could have happened in Ammerica. A these democratic candidates giving up their food and best places for h4em tpo stay

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What a bunch of garbage (and BS). Read a gas lease and you'll see it is the property owner that will pay the severance tax. FYI there has been a long time shallow gas well industry in PA that currently employs around 29,000 people. The equality clause of the PA constitution will require the shallow gas well industry to also have a severance tax unless there is a change to the constitution. As soon as any governor signs such a law, it will put 29,000 people out of work because the marginal shall9ow wells will not have the capability to pay a severance tax. Strange, but I see Rendell and Obummer trying to hard to put as many people as possible out of work and totally destroy the economy of the US and PA.

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If Casey wants to bail out unions, let him do it with his own money. Taxpayers do NOT need to be bailing out unions.

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I was concerned about this legislation but have since decided it might end up being a good thing. There have been a lot of people with bad well water for a very long time and now that gas companies are drilling (no where near some of these houses) there are people coming out of the woodwork saying their bad well water is a result of gas well drilling. There are some problems with ground water being contaminated, but it's rare if the casings are installed properly. Gas companies should fix problems when they create problems, but so far it's been easier for the gas companies to pay for fraudulent cases of supposed bad well water.

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One of these parties is lieing and I hope it isn't Sestak. The results of the White House lieing and being caught could be very interesting.

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You saying I lie? Make a list of the lies I've told. I'll respond to every one you can come up with, if you can come up with even one. I know you're probably one of those people that believe in the old adage "tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth". Not gonna happen here. Been telling you Corbett supporters to make lists and so far I haven't seen one single item much less a list. If you're feeling undereducated it's probably because you ignore facts.

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Great info. We're seeing the USA dictatorship getting underway with Obummer, is the republican party trying to set up a dictatorship in Pennsylvania? Voters need to wake up and I think it's safe to say Jubelirer gave Corbett $12,500 in campaign contributions, probably the main reason why Corbett didn't indict him or any other senate members.

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Exactly right. Corbett is ticked off and abusing his authority to try and scare people. Two different bloggers that were very critical of Corbett and Corbett thinks they have some info pertinent to a criminal investigation?????????? BULL SHIT.
I hope Twitter tells Corbett to pound salt and I hope Corbett is sued for abuse of authority.

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What are you smoking???? Every newspaper in PA listed Corbett as "moderate". For a republican that's code for liberal, when you don't want to say that about a republican candidate. Cawley is definately a RINO along with Corbett. No way is Rohrer a RINO.

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The TEA Party wasn't out in Pennsylvania.