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Are you kidding me? I am 48 and do not have any biological children for a few reasons. The first reason is because I was not in a stable committed relationship and wanted to wait until I was. The second is because I ended up having a hysterectomy at 32 and that took care of that. The insensitive, rude people that have asked me my whole life - "How old are your kids? Do you have kids?" and when I answer that I do not have children - the "knowing looks", the "sideways glances". I don't know if I ever "wanted" children. I know I didn't like feeling like I had to defend myself everytime someone asked me about the "children I didn't have". At 32 I knew it wasn't right to have them and later on in life I may have thought I was "past that". I had older parents - my mother had problems having children and my brother and I were born when my parents were in their 40s. That wasn't a piece of cake either. For me, my brother or my parents. I lost them both before I was 45. Everyone has their own story - who is anyone to judge me just because I am no one's mother?