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You know, I really didn't see any details in this article - it would be nice to have had more info on how the doc identifies the areas that are weak, and what the exact protocol is that he prescribes. As written, it sounds too general - like he's telling people to inhale/exhale, and exercise. There's gotta be more to it than that. (or alternatively, as pointed out above, it is a scam)

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no freezing rain up here in Bothell-Kenmore. Backyard thermometer reads about 25. About 5-6 inches of new snow on the ground.

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sure as hell no one was handing me fify bucks at a pop to donate! I did donate twice in September, and wasn't suprised at all with that month's totals when the were announced.

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really? she broke her jaw? how?

must.hold.back.SNARK ....

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Peace and blessings to Glenda; she has a good friend in you.

you covered a lot of turf this weekend! my weekend consisted of trying to shake off this chest cold - finally on the run, debating how much I really need to get done today ....

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see that blue in eastern WA, next to the Idaho border? Now that is some serious change over there.

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if you want to hold a snake and not get bit, you hold it tightly, and just behind the neck. perhaps this is his strategem re: HRC.

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My current car is a Toyota Prius - my husband also drives a Prius. For heavy lifting and winter weather, we drive a Jeep Wrangler (4WD). I love the Wrangler, it fits my tomboy image, but I love the mileage in the Prius more.

As for "Mullaly of Ford", he used to be "Mullaly of Boeing", and my dear dad (now retired from Boeing) used to work with him, and he is a Grade A bas***d. In talking to Dad this morning (he's a card-carrying Republican), we both agreed that the car companies should not be bailed out, for a couple of very good reasons: the pockets of the US government are getting down to spare change (if that), and if these guys dug their hole, then they now they need to figure their own damn way out. Anyway, we just ended the call, with "we are in agreement, there is your bipartisan support." As dad pointed out, if they declare bankruptcy, that doesn't mean that they have to stop making cars ... but they will have to restructure and figure out a plan and be accountable. They will still need workers (maybe not as many, and many they will be forced to take pay cuts at the top).

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so glad that Daschle is all over prevention! Yes, NIDDM would be at the top of my "prevention" list, as would obesity, COPD, heart disease ... the results of the TOTAL Ornish plan on heart disease are ones that everyone could take to heart (okay, small pun intended). Yes, the cost up front is extensive, and the overall responsibility of the consumer for their own health is also extensive. But taking care of yourself - isn't that what it's all about? I could rant on and on ... but preaching to the choir, no? And vaccines!

Somewhere along the line, the dentists got the insurance co's in on the game of prevention and preventative care -- if there are studies that can demonstrate that you get a lot of long-term bang for the buck, this is the time to come out with them!

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oh, and if you DO happen to write a long letter to Tom Daschle ... prevention, prevention, prevention! also, (witness the stories I just posted) - the real and tangible benefits of going to the doctor SOONER rather than LATER. And prevention. Good diet and lifestyle don't prevent everything, but dang, they sure help.