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Try using FuzzyBand downgrader since you have a 3G. It can be found in Cydia. (am I allowed to say that?) :D

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It was successful because I get signal, the "about" page says it's 05.13.04 BB and so does Tiny Umbrella.

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Model: MC131C/A
BB: 05.13.04
Boot Loader: 6.4_M3S2
Serial: 82945....
iOS: 5.1.1
Downgrade from BB 06.15.00 successful. GPS still non-functional on 5.0.1 and 5.1.1

Do I have the NOR Chip that's still under development?

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So far is states (simple google search) that it fixes location services. I don't know if this is one and the same as GPS. People have beenreportin in other forums that they're GPS is working but it's very weak and sometimes doesn't even connect.

I'm going to give this a shot when I get home from work.

I have a 3GS new-boot rom with iPad BB, untethered on 5.0.1. I've always had location services working tho.

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5.0.1 is very stable. Some cases it will work right after the update. If you have the signal drop issue, just use redsn0w and reflash the baseband. Problem solved.

I'm running 3GS, new boot-rom, iPad BB, FW 5.0.1

Used my phone in Germany, Iceland, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Canada and USA. All with local SIMs from the respective region. No problems.

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use pwnagetool and create a CFW of 5.0.1
shift+restore using the CFW
be immediately download SAM from cydia when the phone is up and running.

follow these steps to make your iMessage work:

1) Add Bingner repo to Cydia
2) Install SAM and SAMPrefs
3) In the Setting app you'll find a menu called SAM, tap that and click the Utilities menu
4) Push 'Revert Lockdownd to Stock' then push 'De-Activate iPhone'
5) Close Settings and plug your iPhone into your PC or Mac
6) Open iTunes and your device should activate
7) Reboot the phone
8) Find the Messages menu in the Setting application
9) Click 'Receive At'
10) Tap your Apple ID listed at the top
11) Push 'View Account' and enter your password
12) You should receive an error about activation
13) Push 'View Account' again
14) Close Settings and reboot your phone
15) Open Settings > SAM > Utilities
16) Push 'Backup Activation' and then push 'Restore Activation'
17) Reboot your phone
18) In Settings > Messages, turn iMessage off and on

**if you happen to get signal crashes every few seconds (it happened to me on one phone but not the other) use the newest version of redsn0w and reflash the iPad BB and the problem will be solved**


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make a video of what you're doing from start to finish and post that thing on youtube. If you're jail breaking properly, then there shouldn't be any lag. You might be gumming up the works somewhere along the way.

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I made custom firmware of 5.0 to avoid BB errors. I have the iPad BB.
Using the iPhone configuration utility you can see every keystroke or error that occurs. In this case it would give me a very clear error that my baseband was crashing.

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Did it end up working for you? the iPad BB crashes on mine repeatedly. I didn't think to reinstall the BB. I just went back to 4.3.3.

I'm interested to know if yours is functioning correctly on 5.0

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I do have all my SHSH's saved so that isn't a problem. I was just curious if anyone with a 3GS & iPad BB gave iOS 5 a try and experienced this problem.