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I would be in jail with you.

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It "deserves" more than the 5 year sentence and a quick release.

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Disparaging her for her name or the color of her skin? Sorry, she committed a crime. Doesn't matter what her name is or how it's perceived, or if she's black, white, yellow, or pink with purple polka-dots.

The courts gave her a sentence that should have been carried out to the full 5 years. The problem lies with the Department of Corrections for not insuring there are facilities for holding criminals. And with the judges for not handing down appropriate sentences. And the prosecutors for demanding sentences that fit the crime.

As far as my helping a friend or relative that just killed four police officers, I would either tell them to turn themselves in immediately or I would take them to the nearest police station. Then I would help by arranging for a suitable attorney.

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Micro$oft is all about the money. About the time you buy a new PC, upgrade to a new OS or some software package, they come out with something "new". And it isn't long before earlier versions of anything M$ had released is no longer supported.

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That has to be expected in Alaska. You're in the bear's house. They choose where to go and sometimes they they don't want you there.

Maybe spray will work in some instances, but if a bear is angry enough or hungry, or it's a female with cubs, don't bother with spray.

If you carry a firearm when out hiking in Alaska, you should carry a large enough caliber to stop a bear. A handgun should be something like a .44 Mag. A 9MM or .38 may do nothing. A pump or auto shotgun with slugs and 00 Buck is also a good defense.

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Well, yes I am a veteran and I still really can't see any reason to thank Murry for much of anything. She is certainly not the only congresscritter who has fought for benefits fort hose of us who served our country. Does she stand out? in a word, No. Well maybe for her Dim constituents, but not to the rest of the country and she's not that big in the eyes of the rest of the Senate.

As for Congress being in the pocket of the "corporate masters", that can be extended to our Legislature. Ever walk through "Ulcer Gulch" in the Leg Building? And both houses of the US Congress have to put up with lobbyists and the rest of the special interest groups that seem to want to throw more money at re-election campaigns than they do to actually do something constructive. You change this by getting rid of the congress-critters and replacing them.

I think it's time for term limits in Congress. Something like no more than two consecutive terms as a Senator and no more than 5 consecutive terms as a Representative. That way we get fresh blood and there would be no more long-term Senators and Representatives that would control their houses.

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Neither Cantwell or Murry have a stellar record in the Senate. It's too bad there is nobody out there like Scoop and Magnuson. Yes, they were Democrats but they did tremendous work not only for the country but for Washington.

There is no way that these incumbents can ever come close to what this state enjoyed. Both need to go.

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Proves once again that HOA's simply suck.

Take down the bars, load the shotgun.

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This sounds like just another foolish idea of McClueless. Spending money on fancy equipment listening to a sound so the cops can show up later on is financial foolishness. Maybe the people that live in the area can call the police when they hear gunshots.

Wonder if they use it in Chicago? If they do, it's not working there.....

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They can keep her for that matter.