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"Step One: An Article V singular issue convention tasked with repealing the 17th."

One Hundred Percent Correct - #1 On The LIst, LONG Before 'Balanced Budget'.....With The 17th OUT, The States Will Be Able To Fight Leviathan From WITHIN

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How Does One 'Discredit' Something That May Never Have Even Existed?

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Can't really say for sure we've had that before that - probably not since Reagan

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I wish he were impeached, but this is a fool's errand, at this point the Congress, Who Have Proven that they are SPINELESS &/Or In Collusion, Would NEVER Do It, They'd Run Out the Clock.

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Question Folk.........Are Birth Certificates Required To Get A Marriage License? Would They Have Been Required In IL In 1992 When The Obamas Got Married????

If So....We Know He Wasn't Traipsing Around With That Digital 'Creation' He Posted On The Website In 2012.

What Did He Use?

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In DECIDING ( Unanimously ) Minor V Hapersette, The Court Has ALREADY Worked Through, And Set Down, What Natural Born Citizen 'Means' - and They Affirmed Vattel's Definition As Being That Understood As Common Law By The Framers When They Wrote The Clause - In Country, Two Citizen Parents. That is not DICTA, that is not FOOTNOTES, that is ALREADY 'IN' Minor V Hapersette.

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McCarthy Was RIGHT! We really LOST, when the Republicans/Conservatives threw McCarthy under the bus, tucked their tails , went into the Cuckold Buckley Camp and gave up on the fight against the Communists that were wormed all through the Government, the Media and the Academy [ and God knows Where Else!!]

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It's floated that he was AMNESTIED/Naturalized in the 1986 Amenesty

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Nah, just give him to the Egyptians - after the Muslim Brotherhood Arab Spring crap he pulled, they'd surely have a STAKE in the matter!

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That was great!