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I am not angry enough to write my response in capital letters.
Who or what is Snoop Dog? From distant memories of students' writings about 15 years ago, I think he's a rapper, isn't he? is that the Snoop Dog you mean?
If so, I'm just shaking my head at whatever analogy you think you're making coz it's way over my head, buddy!

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Please don't shout.
I don't think the writer is factually correct in parts of his Hitler list, but I actually don't remember enough from my own past reading to correct those facts I think are inaccurate .
I do think that to respond to you is to shift the argument. The writer definitely puts his "spin" on his summary of Germany 1933-1945, because his premise is that Obama is another Hitler. In bending over backwards to have his theory accepted, i think he sometimes makes comments that are inaccurate ( e.g by using the phrase "health-care for all" that is something he said that I intend to fact-check about Nazi Germany- I don't know if it is accurate or not ).
Ultimately my own point is that it is not useful to make comparisons between Hitler and Obama.

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Well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt but I can't accept your premise until you actually tell me where I have been foolish.
I don't expect an answer.

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Um. I believe Obama is actually teh President now.
50 days in that job, and in the current domestic climate, by my reckoning, is, in terms of experience equivalent to 4 terms as Governor of Alaska and 100 years as Mayor of Wasilla.
I'm afarid your screeching barn-owl winking machine is never going to catch up with Obama now and it's downright embarrassing that you or anyone should trot out this old canard. it didn't work with anyone during the campaign and it makes you look one stupid fool to try to make it work now!

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Typical Gretawire response. I suspect that "dick"was the one and only word in the post you understood, so you laughed and laughed and raced off down to the nearest Internet cafe and handed over a large proportion of your weekly income so that you could write this riveting, thoughtful, insightful response.

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Irrelevant huh?
Oh - I get it - it's only relevant to discuss poll numbers on here if and when Obama's drop ( by even one percentage point which is considered a free-fall on this site )

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Corsi was sent from Kenya for "visa irregularities". as far as I recall.
But I guess you';re suggesting that, as he was there on some insane conspiracy-theory nutcase mission to "find" something with which to discredit Obama, then the sovereign nation of kenya should just have looked the other way and not applied its laws!
As for Corsi, when did he ever need to locate a primary source in order to make allegations. The non-existent birth-certificate you talk of here? Who "invented" it? Corsi. You probably believe in it. Why should he bother to "find" something he knows doesn't exist?
By the way, he was in Kenya for different reasons, to do with the ( equally fantastical and manufactured ) so-called connections between Obama and Odinga.

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I am one of those who scoffs and laughs at you and thinks you're worse than foolish and naieve.
You claim to know something about history?
Now I wonder how you managed to seat MISTER Winston Churchill in the House of Lords? Or do you envisage him as just visiting it at the time of your ( made-up ) nonsense quoted here.
As for your analogy, you cannot convince anybody who actually DOES know something about history that there is any validity in comparing Hitler to Obama.
You must really hate your country and be so unproud of it to even have considered making the comparisons.
But nobody should pay any heed especially not to this pile of unsubstantiated junk. And, if you were to write accurately about Hitler's years in power, how easy it will be to rebut your nonsense.

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Dick Morris
2) secondly, and much more pertinent to the arrogant and self-serving Dick's purposes - he spun the Clinton numbers. He said HE kept Clinton's numbers above 60 throughout the Clinton second term.
And here's why the numbers were that way.
a) A very good and always improving economy. ( I'm sure Dick swung this to keep the Clinton favourability high - it's at least as believable as is the claim of some absolute nutcases on this site who think George Soros manipulates the world economy to "favour" Obama!!!!
b) Clinton didn't DO anything in his second term. After the Monica Lewinsky scandal he didn't push any domestic programme of any significance.
No wonder he remained "over" 60%.
There is nothing to be gained by comparing Obama's poll results to Clinton's. There is validity in comparing his results with Bush's results in the last, say, 6 months of his Presidency, as the social and political contexts are essentially the same - the US "at war", economic crisis, etc,etc

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I watched that hypocrite Dick Morris on Bill O'Reilly's show today, talking down Obama's poll numbers while taking credit for Clinton being "above" 60% throughout his second term.
Here's what Dick DIDN'T tell you
1) He uses his statistics so selectively. ( But of course, he was hired by the Clinton WH as a spin-meister and he hasn't changed since a sex scandal saw him resign, at which stage he immediately offered his services to the Republicans and has been taking ( loads ) of their money ever since ). He said Obama was at 56% today. He selectively chose the "worst" result in the 6 or 7 reputable national polls which realclearpolitics uses to make its average from. It was the only result in the 50's and it came from Rasmussen. If you follow the polls on realclear you'll see that Rasmussen ALWAYS has the lowest poll results which is why FNC chose to interview Mr Rasmussen himself frequently during the election campaign, when Fox was on its own campaign to convince viewers that mcCain could win ( Fox wanted to play its part to get the conservative vote out ).
#2 to follow