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Our country, nay, our world is lost! Our morals are in a tail spin.

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Why can't we have a separation of Business and State? It seems that government wants to interfere with business to their advantage or business wants to interfere with government to their advantage. If the free market is left alone to do as it must with only allowing the government to make sure the terms of already existing contracts are followed, there would not be the mess we see today! READ ATLAS SHRUGGED!!!!

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These leftists want to tax everyone out of business, not just banks!! The sad fact is they are succeeding at an alarming rate!

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Buying sperm online? Well, it is Canada. Be careful of the San Fran sellers!

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He has less chance of being the next president as Obama.

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Write a check then you commie bastard! I am wondering how to keep the lights on next month. Tell you what, just send the check to me personally and then you and your accountants can write it off to charity to me!!!

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Who has $10 these days to spend on anything except for necessities?

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As an American, what can make you sicker than someone like this person? She is just a useful idiot and she cares nothing for the harm she is doing to our country. I can't say much more than TRULY SICKENING!!!!!!!!

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Is there any tidal evidence from ocean studies to show that there was ever any other gravitational changes in the past. If this is truly the case, you would think there would be evidence on Earth to show a change at some point in the past. I am no scientist, but " I am a thinker"! :-)

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Why can't I vote for this man or someone like him for the 2012 presidency?? Please God, let us find a no nonsense, stand your ground, principled person like this to go up against Obama!!!