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Go to the Graph labelled EPICA Dome Temperature and CO2. The CO2 level increase follows the increase in temperature, it does not precede it as Al Gore, Ken Lay the University of East Anglia and the Government would have us believe.

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In a changing global climate, with a mini iceage to come, it would be best to hedge our bets and trade with the rest of the world.

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A mini ice age is upon us and Europe will be affected disproportionately to the rest of the world. Freed from the red tape of the European yoke of the EU we can trade and inhabit the warmer climes of the world.

The Sun dictates the temperature of the Earth and the several hundred scientists who claim that anthropogenic global warming is a nonsense are proving to be correct. Habibullo Ismailovich Abdussamatov a Russian astrophysicist who observes and calculates the Total Solar Irradiance from then International Space Station has stated the following;

"The tendency of decrease in the global Earth temperature started in 2006–2008 will temporarily pause in 2010–2012. The increase in TSI within a short 11-year cycle 24 is expected to temporarily compensate the decrease in TSI within the ongoing 2-century variation. Only the decrease in TSI within the ongoing 11-year cycle 24 accompanied by continued decrease of its 2-century component in 2013–2015 will lead to stable subsequent cooling of our planet, which is expected to reach its minimum in the phase of a deep cooling by 2055–2060 ± 11 (Abdussamatov H.I. Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. 2007. 103. No. 4. p. 292–298). The cooling can be similar to the one observed in the whole Europe, North America and Greenland in 1645–1715 in the period of Maunder minimum of solar luminosity and sunspot activity when the temperature will fall by 1–1.5 Celsius degrees down to the mark of the so-called Maunder minimum. The regular period of climatic minimum (the stage of global cooling) will last for approximately 45–65 years and the new warming will eventually come afterwards within the regular 2-century solar cycle. The deep cooling is expected to be regularly replaced by warming only by the beginning of 22nd century. A forecast of the global cooling by the middle of the 21st century and of the new 200-year cycle followed by global warming in the beginning of the 22nd century is shown on the figure." source; ""

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The great National Health Service is a fallacy. It is probably the case that the population as a whole was healthier prior to the NHS. The NHS has meant that many take less care of themselves than they otherwise would have done; overindulging, overweight by choice, take drugs, have dangerous pursuits, drink too much, have unsafe sex and many who would otherwise have died are supported to the extreme.
Secondly there is the hefty drugs bill, recent news for example, headed "Boots charges NHS £1,579 for tube of £2 cream. The full report, seen by The Times, discloses that up to £860 was paid for mixtures of hydrocortisone and aqueous cream while £2,200 was paid for chewable vitamin tablets etc"
The NHS swallows money as each government tries to outspend the last. It is time that a serious reckoning on expenditure took place.

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London is over populated and even faces water shortages if there is a drought. It madness to continue building for a population level that is unsustainable.

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In 2013 it was discovered that the interior of the Earth was not still cooling from the birth of the planet but very active in fact. "the temperature of the center of the Earth is about 6000 degrees Celsius - a temperature about 9% higher than what exists on the surface of the Sun"
Here we are on the egg shell of crust, on the surface of a planet warmed from above and below by the furnaces from both the Sun and Earth.
If those idiots think that the temperature can be controlled by small adjustments to CO2 levels, then they ought to consult with Engineers and not Climate Scientists who rely on statistical analysis of historical temperatures.
Anthropogenic global warming was the brain child of the late Ken Lay, crook and CEO of Enron. The US 1990 Clean Air Act had forced controls on how much pollution a fossil fuel plant could emit. Enron had then helped to create a market for the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s sulphur dioxide cap-and-trade program. As that market proved to be very profitable, the company next turned to creating a cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide, the forerunner of today’s carbon trading.
Under the Clinton administration in 1993, Ken Lay and Vice President Al Gore met in order to create an international regulatory system that would manage carbon dioxide.
In addition, Enron began to cultivate new friends in the environmental community. From 1994 to 1996, the Enron Foundation gave nearly $1 million to the Nature Conservancy, whose Climate Change Project promoted global warming theories. Another $1.5 million was donated to other groups advocating international controls to curb global warming, including Greenpeace.
In 1997, Enron was investing in the manufacture of of wind turbines and set about promoting an international treaty to impose cuts on CO2 emissions and to allow Carbon Credit trading. Such an agreement would produce a gigantic windfall for Enron because it would boost the usage of natural gas at the expense of coal and would help Enron’s growing commodity trading and wind turbine business.
When George W. Bush ran for president, Lay served as host at big fund-raisers and contributed plenty of his own money to the effort. Britain’s main parties were the recipients of Enron’s generosity. Between 1997 and 2000, the Labour Party accepted £38,000 from Enron in sponsorship money for its events, whilst the Conservative Party received approximately £25,000.
This is the skulduggery led to the Paris agreement of 2015
Effectively any scientist who was willing to endorse the CO2 is a pollutant doctrine was well rewarded. There are of course many scientists who do not endorse this nonsense.

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Pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is a crucial part of Trump's initiative. Now free from carbon dioxide emission controls, USA industry can one again compete on the world industrial market and hence the Dow Jones index is climbing to record highs.
However anyone apart from the funded Climate Scientists can believe that man can control the climate simply by adjusting the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere beggars belief.
The truth is that the Earth is still coming out of the forth ice age that can be detected from ice core samples taken in Antarctica. The record began 400,000 years before the present and not at some convenient point as chosen by Professor Philip Douglas Jones, the now retired Director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.
The ice record also show that atmospheric CO2 does not precede a warming climate, but follows it. Therefore the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere is not going to cool it, ever!