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So why has it taken him so long to bring this proof (if he has any) that his accusers are lying?

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In many ways you are right. Trying to fight fairly with an Establishment that makes up the rules as it goes along is one of our problems. Apart from being hampered by being refused proper access to mainstream publicity and being lied about by the mass media and all other political parties. Becoming seduced by the money and trappings of office is another very real danger for some of those who have been elected as well. The main question we should ask though is have we enough time to gather support from the grass roots of politics and how long would it be before we would be able to form a government? I would answer that we do not have enough time to do this before our nation is irreversibly changed. So yes... Our attempt at democratic change may soon need to be abandoned.

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This party should be flying high in the polls right now, so why isn't it? The political establishment are so vulnerable to criticism and being shown for the liars and greedy charlatans that they are, but what is the BNP leadership doing? Griffin is wilfully destroying the only real opposition party in Britain, that's what! Griffin is a liar and a greedy trough feeder, every bit as bad as all the mainstream politicians he called pigs at the last General Election. He has misled the party over finances and much, much more. He is unfit to be leader of this party and should be expelled from the party along with his entourage of fellow misfits and liars who he has allowed to fill their boots from loyal party members donations. He is a traitor to Nationalism and to his people. As long as this vile conman is leader of this party we will get nowhere. He has held back this party in many ways and could even possibly be an establishment agent. All members should ask themselves this question; Why are the media not exposing all that has recently been written about Griffin to the general public? Surely this would help turn their readership against the BNP. They are not doing this because Griffin is destroying the party and they don't wish to stop that from happening. While he denies everything that he has done and calls everyone else in the party liars he can hold onto power and continue ruining this parties chances. They love him in the media and they must love him in the LibLabCon leaderships. We have so little time to stop the rot in this beloved nation of ours but if Griffin wins the leadership contest then this party will continue disintegrating and being a non-effective and impotent opposition. Loyal activists have been resigning from their posts in droves. I myself, who have stood in many elections over the years for our party, did not stand during the last local elections out of disgust with Griffin and his trough feeding friends. Not a penny more of my money will the party be getting until Griffin and his fellow low-lives are gone. Only the election of Andrew Brons can begin to heal this party and allow the BNP to become the truly effective political fighting force that it should and could be.

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The only reason our party is in such turmoil now is because of the tragic way in which the party is being run. After the disastrous results in the last General Election Nick should have done what any mainstream party leader would have done and stood down, pending a leadership election. Time and again I have heard members of the public say that they agree with the BNP but do not like its leader. The electoral ambitions of the party should have been the first consideration of the leader, not his own political career. Nick Griffin MEP is filling his pockets with as much money from the EU as he can, and wants another term to carry on the good life for himself and his immediate friends. He attacks anyone who dares to criticise him and calls them liars without giving one shred of evidence. His ego has overtaken him and he is now nothing more than a dictator within our party. I once idolised Nick and I am no agent of the left, I am just so very sorry he has damaged the party I love so much. If Nick Griffin were to stand down right now, and we could have a completely fair (and not rushed) leadership election with multiple candidates allowed to stand with equal access to the membership, I would once again believe that he does care more about this party and his nation than he does himself.

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Anyone who believes that voting BNP will "influence the policies of other parties" or "send a message to the other parties" needs to realise that our party cannot simply be a 'protest vote'. The other parties have not just missed the ordinary Britons point of view and inadvertently gone in a wrong direction. They have wilfully chosen the policies that have destroyed our nations' structural and racial integrity. A vote for the BNP is therefore a vote for a very real alternative. A party that intends to genuinely form a government. Only by electing a BNP government will we be able to take our nation in the direction that will free us from the European Union, enable us to halt all further immigration and tackle the budget deficit by genuinely reducing the £billions of waste that the LibLabCon spend on illegal wars, foreign aid, the EU, the climate change scam, I.D.Cards, etc. If the BNP were only to be a protest group we would achieve absolutely nothing. Only by striving to gain control and become the governing party of Great Britain will we save our nation and our people from Globalist oblivion.

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An obvious incitement to murder, this man should be arrested and charged accordingly. Let's see just how quickly our modern highly politicised police service act on the charge being laid by our legal officer Mr. Barnes.

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Just imagine if it had been a member of the BNP at a demonstration who had thrown a dart at the leader of one of the other political parties. What would the police and CPS have done about that? We all know that the individual would have been arrested on the spot and the full force of law brought against him. The media would have gone into meltdown about thuggery in the BNP, etc. etc. Of course it would never actually happen that way around, but it shows all too clearly that our accusations of political persecution by the state and media are well and truly founded.

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I agree watchfulleye. Mr Singh is a very brave and intelligent man indeed. I must say that I would possibly not have joined the BNP but for the wisdom of an Asian friend of mine who was a nationalist himself and who loved his own country, Sri Lanka, very much. He instilled into me that it was not wrong to do likewise with my own country. Indeed, he once told me that if he were British he would join the BNP. That was over twenty years ago but I never forgot his words, and am now a very proud British nationalist who also holds other peoples and other nations in very high regard. Mr. Singh puts many of our own spineless and lazy British people to shame. I salute him as well.

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The BBC are beyond redemption I'm afraid. The best thing that we can do is boycott them totally. That means not paying for a BBC licence and not watching their boring and ultra PC rubbish on the Television. Some of their radio stations are reasonable but whenever they have any political commentary they invariably promote all the other parties, no matter how absurdly small like the Greens, but always slate and insult the BNP and its members and supporters. The BBC are not worth wasting time over and should be disbanded as soon as we have a BNP government.

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The really sad truth is that the majority of voters will never hear about this intimidation and the threats of violence against our candidates. That will mean they will go to the polls on May 6th with no idea of what is really happening in Britain today, only the lies and propaganda they have seen and heard in the main stream media. The Television is the most powerful brainwashing tool that the LibLabCon and their international backers have at their disposal, and this ensures that only a very twisted and unrealistic depiction of Britain today gets through to the general public. I have been watching current affairs in the media for more than three decades and have gradually seen through the veil of lies and deceit myself. Only once I joined the BNP did I realise the full depth of the lies and misinformation that is fed to us all daily by the media. It saddens me deeply to say this but these threats of violence by the LibLabCon sponsored UAF will never be reported in the MSM. We are fighting very real political persecution and must just carry on regardless of the risks. BNP candidates have to be far more brave than any other parties candidates. I should know, I am one myself.