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My opinion is that we should stop thinking about it using human guns as a base.
Sure, many things in the cartoon are taken from human things, but they are things that can be used by hooved creatures.

This being said, I think firearm would be something like a saddle with guns, ignited by a certain hoof movement.
Or maybe guns are available only for creatureswith fingers, like Diamond Dogs or griffons, while ponies use lances and stuff.

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At least the developer is trying.
I remember seeing games like this in the past, but definitely more broken.
Here it seems that the controls work fine.

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Finally another update. I have great hopes for this game. They released a battle system video long ago, so there is a game.

Regardless, these videos are enjoyable, so it's a gain anyway, even if not what one would expect.

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Adding to this well written and extensive answer, I reccomend, before learning any language/engine/tool, to have "learn" how to make a model of your game: the story, the world it's settled in, the characters, the features, etc.

One of the main cause of projects death is not having a clear view of the project (a thing I am guilty too).
Things like "oh, this feature is cool, I'll add it. Wait, this story change is better." and so on, not only push the release date near Half-Life 3, but often require the rewrititng of a varying amount of lines of code, that may even break the whole game.

Also, an advice I want to give to all the future game developers: don't create only videogames. There are plenty of games you can create that does not involve an electronic device. Sure, it's limiting in distribution, but cuts many "scary things" like multiple OS compatibility, optimization, game size, etc. that require experience and might kill your enthusiasm.

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Given the amount of original graphics, I wonder why he even used the standard resources.
From what I've seen, the only RTP resources used are overworld sprites for monters, something that has it's own original sprite (the red pony thing).

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I haven't played enough to really judge, but so far I agree with XTUX for the most part.
Being an RPG fan, I don't really care about the stale mechanics.
So far the dialogues were considerably boring. Very boring. They were seriously the same phrase reworded and spaced by story dialogues.

Criticism aside, I noticed that in Ponett town, you can walk over the pink tent. Like, there is no collision with it.
It's quite silly and awful.

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Oh hey, I thought we settled that, honestly.
It wasn't even because you don't understand troll games, but because you used that specific game to make paragons.
But it's not important anymore. Honestly, it does not seems a good reason to not trying to join a community, unless all the other members behaved badly..

It's also cool you finally won the game. Congrats.

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I played it for a bit before dying horribly.
It reminds me of the old LucasArts games.
Also, I think it's the first pony game that uses mature themes (see .gif in the article) in a good and not-cliché way.

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Your guts shall be remembered forever, being able to complete (?) this thing.
Don't think I'm or Xtux are rude, but this project is clearly the work of a beginner and accepting that it sucks is the first step to getting better.
No, I don't think this has pontential, unless the developer continues using RPG Maker non-stop for about a year or something. Then we can talk.

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I wonder why peoples are always forgetting dodos...
Sure, they are extinct, but would you really compare them with penguins?
I mean, come on! Dodos!